20 Times People Cleaned Their Messy Rooms And Shared Their Proud Results

Published 2 years ago

Cleaning is one of the best ways to boost mental and physical well-being. One’s personal space is often directly responsible for their mood. Thus, clean and distraction-free surrounding helps in alleviating an individual’s overall health.

If you’ve ever transformed your messy space, then you might relate to the before and after images posted in the subreddits r/ICleanedMyRoom and r/BeforeandAfter. And those of you who are still caught up in a depressive episode or any form of mental health issues, give yourself time to heal. And if possible, start cleaning your space, one step at a time.

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#1 The Last Few Months Have Felt Like An Uphill Battle Against Depression. This Is The Cleanest My Room Has Been In A Long While. It Took Me All Day In 35 Degree Heat But I’m So Glad It’s Done. Here’s To A Brighter Tomorrow

Image source: KMACoolCoolNoDoubt

#2 Been Very Depressed And Drinking My Life Away Since Being Laid Off Due To Covid. I’m Finally Pulling My Self Up Off The Ground

Image source: 3y3d3a

#3 My Desk Was A Catch All. Now I Actually Have A Space To Work And Craft

Image source: sshheelleeyy

#4 Trying To Get My Life Together After A Bad Bout Of Depression

Image source: vitaminwolf

#5 Depression Took Over My Life And Kept Me Down For Months. Finally Got Motivation To Do Better. Next Step Is Bedroom. The Goal Is The Whole Apartment. Gotta Keep Myself Going

Image source: foreveryoung94

#6 Gave My Depression Dungeon A Makeover!

Image source: AClitNamedElmo

#7 I’m Currently In Intensive Outpatient Therapy For My Depression And Feeling Loads Better, So My Room Needed To Reflect That!

Image source: iamyourshoelace

#8 I Took A Mental Health Day From Work To Deep Clean My Entire House. It Was So So Bad. There Are Lots Of Before And After Shots. Hope To Bring Someone Some Motivation Because It Feels Amazing For It All To Be Clean!

Image source: Doodles07

#9 This Community Is Beyond Amazing. Every Time I Wanted To Give Up, I Kept Going So I Could Post A Picture Here

Image source: _whitneybrooks_

#10 I Suffer From Severe Depression. As Embarrassing As It Is To Admit, I Had Let My Bathroom Go For So Long That My Cats Had Used The Laundry Pile In The Corner As A Litter Box. It’s Not Finished, But It’s A Small Step Towards A Cleaner House

Image source: Condor-Avenue

#11 Depression Cleaning

Image source: Sad_Trust_3734

#12 Finally Got My S**t Together And Cleaned And Organized The Living Room

Image source: reddit.com

#13 Cleaning My Disaster House

Image source: Pure_Platypus8342

#14 I Can’t Believe I Was Able To Push Myself To Do This. I Am Sooo Relieved

Image source: timc0

#15 We Had Company Over For The First Time Since Pre-Pandemic So It Was A Great Excuse To Clean

Image source: practicalsoup

#16 After A Bout Of Depression, Many Unsuccessful Attempts To Do More Than Fill The Dishwasher, And A Lot Of Takeout Due To Not Wanting To Be In The Kitchen… It Is Clean

Image source: purplepuns

#17 I Cleaned The Damn Playroom

Image source: Chrissykissthecorpse

#18 My Partner’s And My Bedroom In Our First Place Together. Just Need To Add Pictures And Plants To This Room!

Image source: cxriad

#19 Take 2: From Chronic Binge Drinker To Three Weeks Sober

Image source: i_gotmilkalloverme

#20 I Cleaned My Way Out Of My Depression Nest So I Could Start The New Year On A Better (And Cleaner) Note

Image source: aboom5

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