People Shared 40 Pics Taken Moments Before Disaster Struck

Published 2 months ago

Comedy and tragedy often depend on your point of view. While slipping on a banana peel might be seen as comedic, for me, the thought of falling and dealing with the aftermath of pain overwhelms the hilarity. Luckily, the internet allows us to find and share moments just before (hopefully hilarious) mishaps occur.

Here, we’ve compiled some fantastic examples of photos taken seconds or even milliseconds before disaster strikes. So sit back, and scroll through to feel the thrill of the moment just before one decides that what one is seeing is either funny or awful. 

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#1 That One Christmas When A Champagne Cork Hit Me In The Eye

Image source: romancreed

Nonnie Bear: Bullseye!

#2 A Story Of Confusion

Image source:

Francois: Yummy a big flat worm

#3 This Photo Of A Pelican Trying To Eat My Phone

Image source: tinytoebeans0709

Mark (edited): Its smiling!

#4 My Girlfriend Was Trying To Take A Photo Of Her Ice Cream

Image source: dwhftw

Val: Love the nails.

#5 Caught My Puppy Right As He Discovered Why He Shouldn’t Run On Ice To Get To His Best Friend

Image source: LaughsMuchTooLoudly

No puppies were harmed in the production of this photo.

#6 Not Even The Dog Expected To Go Swimming

Image source: PHIL-yes-PLZ

Nina: “Bye all, it was nice knowing ya”

#7 Horse Shenanigans

Image source: raphaelle_bernard

Betta Fish: Forbidden Hot dog

#8 My Neighbor’s Pipe Broke, And I Am About To Be Flooded. Should I Put A Towel Or A Couple Of Sheets Of Toilet Paper?

Image source: Dusken01

Erdot: Try putting your apartment in rice.

#9 Can Never Get A Good Picture Of My Hiking Pals Together So This Is The Best I Can Do

Image source: Cinema104

#10 A Second Before ⁠

Image source: Wildwildworld

#11 The Calm Before The Storm

Image source: YourFriendFromReddit

#12 My Daughter Stepping On A LEGO

Image source: ChronicallyPunctual

Val: I feel this picture.

#13 My Boyfriend Wanted To Take A Picture Of That Glass Of Wine, Then My Dog Showed Up In My Window And Did This

Image source: bruno_sensei

Javelina Poppers (edited): Carrie Nation is reincarnated as a dog?

#14 Trying To Take A Picture With The Monkey

Image source:

Mark: Tourists to SE and East Asia. DO NOT MESS WITH THE MONKEYS. They may seem cute but they are used to living with humans and know exactly how to steal food, and they are extremely territorial and protective of their families

#15 Picture That My Friend Took Down At The Beach The Other Day

Image source: sophielola_

Marilyn Holt: that’s a great shot

#16 My Girlfriend Opening A Snack Next To Seagulls

Image source: Rough_Beat

Rigor Moreno: Oh no! There’s an army waiting on the ground… :D

#17 Never Take A Selfie During A Snowball Fight

Image source: Volcomstone986

RabidChild: GREAT pocture!

#18 My Lumberjack Brother-In-Law’s First Time In Finland Making An Ice Hole. A Good Example Of How Not To Do It

Image source: Kampanius

JB: I’m getting a Wile E coyote/roadrunner vibe

#19 My Niece Likes To Chase Seagulls. The Seagulls In Chicago Chase Back

Image source: Alisha33

Octopus Lasers: Good. Chasing birds is cruel.

#20 Earthly Pleasures

Image source: Santusak

Javelina Poppers: That’s the worst St. Pauli Girl beer sign I’ve ever seen.

#21 Dad’s Reflexes Worked

Image source: smashley1128

Mark: yeet the child

#22 That’s Gonna Hurt

Image source: hauntcircus

Storm: Kung fu c*ck

#23 Seconds Before Disaster

Image source: MissGymlow

Sivi: free piercing

#24 Falling Glasses

Image source: Zykium

Gillian: Brilliant shot – extraordinary timing. He knows ….

#25 Took My Kids Rock Climbing Today

Image source: themagintosh

Alexia: Mistakes were made.

#26 Halloween 1989. That’s Me On The Right. My Sister Is Behind Me And About To Have A Really Bad Day

Image source: BryanwithaY


#27 When My Husband Thought It Was A Good Idea To Pick Me Up While Standing Dangerously Close To The Creek After Our Wedding

Image source: bixnok

Val: The face is priceless.

#28 I Asked If I Could Pet Him. The Answer Was, “Sure, He’s Friendly.” Dog Starts Growling In The Second Picture

Image source: astronaut_monkey

Coche d’inde: The face

#29 My Stupid Unexpecting Face A Fraction Of A Second Before Being Bit In The Junk

Image source: MonkyKnifeFight

Display Name: is everything okay?

I’ll have a treble thanks.: Who cares? The picture is HILARIOUS!

#30 “Is This Cake Batter?” Dunks Entire Head In

Image source:

Nina: I’d love to see an ‘after’ pic as well 😁

#31 The Moment My Sister Was Punched In The Face By A Horse

Image source:

Robert T: Definitely not foal-proof!

#32 0.5 Seconds Before Realizing She Missed The Glass

Image source: catnip4sale

#33 True Love

Image source: DontShowYourCat, DontShowYourCat

JoyfulZebra: So that’s what falling in love means

#34 Something Will Be Missing

Image source: forrestfire

Mark: Imagine being so Texan your hat just levitates

#35 Smile

Image source: IWorshipTacos

LauramblesHe probably shifted his head and headbutted it as she picked it up. Has happened to me many times. Admittedly not with a cocktail and I haven’t dressed up as nice as this in several years now. I’m a little envious i only ever get to spill water on my kids heads

#36 The Exact Moment My Brother Got Punched In The Face By This Cheeky Little Lady

Image source: marnix14

Alexia: Aww, the little lady is enjoying it

#37 The Moment Before I Got Attacked

Image source: softcoats_

Lyone Fein: Kamikazi kitty!

#38 A Second Before The Bite ⁠

Image source: Wildwildworld

#39 I Call This One The Dog Crash. No Dogs Were Hurt In This Photo, Just Andy’s Ego

Image source: krisredd22

#40 This Image Was Taken Moments Before I Heard My Wife’s Screams Coming From The Bedroom

Image source: Vascular_D

Val: Yup. Good bye.

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