40 Savage Retorts That Put People In Their Place

Published 1 month ago

For some people, coming up with witty retorts on the go comes naturally. For others, it can be more of a challenge to find the right words. Which often leads to that dreaded shower moment, when you finally think of the perfect comeback, much too late. 

The folks at r/clevercomebacks have created a collection of snappy rejoinders that are so fiery you can still hear the sizzle of the burn. Scroll below to check out the best of this hilariously satisfying selection of savage clapbacks. 

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#1 Kid Has A Bright And Shocking Future In Front Of Him

Image source: The_Jib

#2 Do You Have One?

Image source: Comfortablejack

#3 Just Another Reason To Keep My Purple Hair

Image source: pedragono

Multa Nocte: Ka-ching!

#4 I Don’t Care If Repost Made Me Laugh

Image source: iamafailedasian

Mrs Irish Mom: 🤣😂🤣😂 omg so funny

#5 You’re The Problem

Image source: Cereal_killer03

#6 Just Try Not Being Straight For Awhile

Image source: reddit.com

Lee: I love this one. I will never ever understand why anyone would care if someone was gay, hetero, or anywhere in between or neither. Like why would you give a f**k about something like that at all?

#7 I Understand Completely

Image source: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

LakotaWolf (she/her): Burning people alive? Yep, that sounds exactly like organized religion to me! Leave people alone when they’re not of your faith? Nope! Gotta convert them! Oh, wait, they’re unwilling to be converted? Better kill them!

#8 Look Before You Leap

Image source: reddit.com

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: God gave us brains so we could use them. If He didn’t want us to learn how to prevent and cure disease, how to enhance the lives of the disabled, to fix what is broken, He wouldn’t have given us brains!

#9 People Really Live In Their Own Little Bubbles

Image source: hayashiiiii

#10 Yep May Be It Is True

Image source: johnmory

Multa NocteOuch – my favourite!

#11 “Migrants Can’t Assimilate Into Society”

Image source: reddit.com

#12 Oof. That Burn Needs Some Love

Image source: BelleAriel

The.Butterfly.Effect.530: Ouch!! That’s a good one.

#13 Who Orders Small Coffee Anyway?

Image source: OldFingerman

General Anaesthesia: The weakest minds need someone, anyone, to look down on for no reason.

#14 Thank You Andy Wang!

Image source: ykafia

#15 British Museum

Image source: athrvpatil

#16 I Hope This Hasn’t Been Done Before

Image source: reddit.com

Multa Nocte: Brilliant comeback!

#17 Education Is Vitally Important, After All

Image source: Smitherd

#18 They Don’t Give A Damn

Image source: blaze_uchiha999

Kristy Marion: I genuinely admire anyone that chooses to join the military to protect their country, however the idolising of Veterans in America never sits well with me. When you stir up patriotism, and putting civil servants on pedestals and paying such a low minimum wage that joining the armed forces is the only way out, yet shoe no care for returning and ex serviceman, except for give them 10% discounts everywhere and a “thank you for your service”, well, it seems to be like big business and corporations are involved somewhere,

#19 Keep Your Stick On The Ice

Image source: Master1718

Luke Branwen: Reminds me of that old joke: “We asked people how they view lesbian relationships. The question had to be rephrased after majority of responders answered ‘in high definition’.”

#20 Room Temperature IQ

Image source: reddit.com

Chocolate llama: and that’s in Celcius

#21 Why Don’t You Stand Up For Yourself?

Image source: Thalassolykos

#22 Whatever Your Weakness, There’s A Hellion To Exploit It

Image source: free-whitebird

The.Butterfly.Effect.530: Goodwill does this… just one more reason to not take your business there.

#23 Idk If This Has Been Posted Before, But I Love His Little Smile

Image source: twinkletoes_44

Jack Burton: This dude was a gem

#24 True Perfection Has Been Achieved

Image source: ekiechi

Kiwis Mom: Chaka Khan

#25 Found It On Twitter. Hope I Am Not Too Late

Image source: zzuhruf

Kiwis Mom: Ew

#26 Love This Guy

Image source: humanitalian

Libstak: How is a woman’s body preference ANYTHING TO DO WITH WHAT MEN WANT. We have the right to body autonomy, that means we makes choices for our bodies for ourselves, we are not a potential appendage to a man in life, we have a life all our own.

#27 Please Wear A Mask And Stay Safe

Image source: themaskedvillain

james stevenson (edited): That’s pretty much the best explanation of why we wore face masks I’ve ever seen.

#28 They Also Don’t Come In Exciting Anime

Image source: TheRikari

Jack Burton: It could be cool if they do. Imagine hiking and then something jump from a tree branch yelling Squiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirel !!!

#29 Definitely Atheists That Do This

Image source: Jet_The_Tabaxi

Lee: I door knock to talk to people about embracing atheism all the time 🤣

#30 Whatttt !?? No Vegan Options At KFC!???

Image source: FitzRowe

Annie: utter matness!

#31 Separate Payments

Image source: memezzer

𝙻𝚞𝚗𝚊 (𝚜𝚑𝚎/𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚢): That’s kinda cruel (I LOVE IT)

#32 Bless This Woman

Image source: sp0okygorl

James stevenson: That kind of sassy lady is always in the right

#33 Never Underestimate A Woman

Image source: Dry-Net

Kristy Marion: Men, you can’t have babies. Sit down when *women’s* reproductive rights are discussed

#34 What A Good Reply

Image source: Comfortablejack

#35 Not Be A Baby Machine

Image source: lucynyu13

Little Wonder: I yeeted my uterus, guess I’m pointless now. Whoot!

#36 Some Good Luck!

Image source: FitzRowe

james stevenson: Well done Michael. Well done.

#37 It Was Social Distancing Haha

Image source: BelleAriel

#38 Stealing The Rainbow

Image source: BuickBobFL

Annie: what about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

#39 Big Footprints To Fill

Image source: mysteresc

Mrs Irish Mom: I pledge not to use my private jet to go half hour down the road

#40 Comeback

Image source: clevcomebacks

Stardust she/her: The hymen can tear without sexual activity. Sometimes you’re not even born with it. The hymen isn’t like one of those freshness seals.

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