35 Most Creative And Spooky Halloween Costumes Spotted This Year

Published 6 months ago

Halloween is a time of year when the streets come alive with the most imaginative and chilling costumes. From classic ghouls to pop culture icons, every Halloween brings with it a fresh wave of creativity and spookiness.

This year, enthusiastic folks went all out to celebrate the season with some of the most inventive and eerie Halloween costumes we’ve ever seen. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the most creative and spooky Halloween costumes spotted this year that are sure to inspire your next Halloween outfit.

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#1 Sophie And Howl

Image source: ybbababy

#2 This Halloween Costume

Image source: Siderio

Mtownmick : “Barbinheimer”

birdhouse : “This is so well done it makes the connection between my eyes and brain confused.”

Roxanne D’souza : “I made a Barbenheimer outfit this Halloween as well. The pink checkered dress with burn stains and shreds. LOL”

#3 I Make My Own Costumes Every Year

Image source: mixiq

Harley : “I once got in a rap battle with Mr Peanut… He was roasted then a got a salted”

Ozymandias73 : “That costume is nuts!”

#4 My Jack Sparrow Costume ( Ps I Am A Girl Lol)

Image source: yunoookumura

Auntriarch : “Very convincing”

Kise Miarse : “Those are some impressive makeup skills”

Mrs. EW : “Love gender bending costumes! I was Jareth from labyrinth, the Dread Pirate Roberts and Adam Maitland in some past years.”

#5 This Year’s Family Costume Fun!

Image source: RiverLover27

Kookamunga : “Dad as a topiary is incredible!”

#6 My 72 Yr Old Mom Having Fun Lol

Image source: WoodpeckerVegetable1

HangryHangryHippo : “Hahaha, brilliant! OP’s mom seems fun!”

Tameeza Joyce Lightowler : “That’d scare the absolute living yips outta me if I saw her coming down the street!!! … Which is why I love this!!!! 😄😄😄”

#7 Chicken Cord On Blue

Image source: notevergreens

arthbach : “Nah, that’s not a costume. It’s a wearable pun.”

LapCat : “This is the dad-joke costumes of all dad-joke costumes 👍🏽”

#8 Home Alone 2 Done With The Family!

Image source: bgavinski

LokisLilButterknife : “Happy Halloween, ya’ filthy animal.”

#9 Til The UK Doesn’t Dress Up For Halloween Like Americans Do

Image source: TheLaughingForest

GlassHalfWay 1: “Very well done. I’m sure he meant his coworkers didn’t dress up, and not taking a potshot. Calm down sheesh”

Ent Hugger : “they have a Starbucks in Angmar?? man they really are everywhere……”

#10 Wendigo

Image source: CorrectBread33

PE is me : “Wendigo? When I see this, that’s when to go.”

#11 My Wife Is Bedbound So I Made Her This Halloween Costume

Image source: kitz2103

Mam cymraeg : “A song as she’s conscious it’s great”

LokisLilButterknife : “This is brilliant and probably made her smile! I do hope that this poor woman gets well soon though.”

Panda Boi : “This is actually the YouTuber PhysicsGirl, who is suffering from long covid. And yes, she likes the costume.”

#12 Frida Kahlo

Image source: popcorniabaniqued

Joshua Moore : “Spot on! Great job! 😁”

RACM : “Frida wishes! Hahah! The lady should have made her brows thicker and more connected. Frida is not pretty. Pretty amazing but not pretty”

LokisLilButterknife : “Stunningly gorgeous!”

#13 “Hello Mah Baby, Hello Mah Honey, Hello Mah Ragtime Gaaaaal!” Should Have Had The Soup!

Image source: PixieFurious

PE is me : “The expression on her face is the best part.”

#14 This Year’s Costume

Image source: Babydeer27

Belladonna Wexhome : “AUDREY II!!!!”

#15 Our Skywalker Family Costume This Year

Image source: savvycrist

Sam Juan : “Who’s the father?”

#16 Last Minute Costumes. Lol. They Were A Hit!

Image source: RadInternetHandle

ThatG : “Saturday Morning: “Hmm… This isn’t my dress?! 🤔””

SuperChicken : “AHAHAHAHAHA! Couple goals. I love it!”

#17 I Made My Plant Costume

Image source: 9bombs

Headless Horseman : “Looks like a string of pearls plant”

Kraneia The Dancing Dryad : “I’m a plant nerd, and I approve this message 😁”

#18 My Homemade Halloween Costume This Year – I Was A Wine Bottle Opener

Image source: ties_11

Harley : “I love cooking with wine… sometimes I even put it in the food”

Samantha : “A very charming and delightful bottle opener indeed :)”

#19 Makeup Test For My Clicker Halloween Costume

Image source: MetallicMarshmellow

GlassHalfWay : “This is movie makeup worthy! Great job!”

Delta Dawn : “if this showed up on my doorstep I’d get the flamethrower”

Moezzzz : “WOW!!! I wonder if they can see out of it, though. Scary good!!”

#20 Come Play With Us… Forever + Ever, + Ever

Image source: Tough_Run

Lex Sandberg : “This reminds me more about Fullmetal Alchemist. And if you know what I mean you will never get over the trauma😱”

Kookamunga : “I will certainly play with you forever and ever!”

Helen Davies : “The twins from The Shining!”

#21 My Sister’s Husky Has A Fantastic Costume This Year

Image source: Huntarantino

H G : “Making its own siren”

Steve : “I’ve never wanted to pet an ambulance so much”

#22 E.t. This Year

Image source: Beetlejuicex3babe

Ambry Petersen : “Proof that cats are aliens.”

David : “Now I’m picturing two ETs battling it out. This one and the other one that was a pug dog.”

#23 Bela Dimitrescu Costume For Halloween! Done By Me

Image source: Weird-Doughnut7002

VonBlade : “What the hell. That’s perfect. Flawless. Beyond reproach. Amazing.”

Rae North : “That was my favorite Resident Evil game thus far.”

#24 Cat Scratches

Image source: onlybabyrxd

LokisLilButterknife : “Spider cat, Spider cat, with claws like daggers that stick in your back 🎶”

Pixie : “The Void widow 🕷”

#25 I’m An Amputee. Here’s My Costume. The Terminator!

Image source: DeadZeppelin011

Tilfeldig Forbipasserende : “Will you be back?”

TheUndeadOfNight726 : “I tried to be the Terminator, but I only had 10 mins to make a costume, so I grabbed a black fleece jacket and some cheap sunglasses, along with a Nerf gun”

#26 We’re Creepy And We’re Cooky

Image source: Kdilla77

ℂ𝕒𝕗𝕗𝕚𝕟𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕕 𝔻𝕠𝕘 : “Mysterious and spooky!”

The Original Bruno : “I can’t tell if Little Wednesday hates posing for pictures or is just in character.”

Sans Serif : “I believe they are all deep in character perhaps especially Wednesday…”

#27 Wazowski… You Forgot To Hand In Your Paperwork… Again.. ?

Image source: ScrabbappleBeret

Delta Dawn : “I find your stunned silence veeeeery reassuring”

JonaLou2U : “One of my favorite characters in the movie, and not easy to pull off. Well done!”

#28 Wheel Chair Costume

Image source: Bird4416

nancy : “Complete with his little cup of juice!”

Camilore : “As long as he’s enjoying it…he doesn’t look very pleased.”

#29 My Daughter’s Halloween Costume

Image source: Any-Commercial5590

Justanotherpanda : “Too cute to be scary.”

GlassHalfWay : “ She’s very cute and costume is well done, however I doubt she’s the one who wanted to be Pennywise for Halloween.”

Gianna B D : “I’ve seen quite a few pics of kids dressed as Pennywise and I’m always a little concerned. Does the kid even know who that is? Did the parents actually let the kid watch that movie?”

#30 Bob Ross And Painting Costume

Image source: thedrakefenlon

Sam Juan : “Such a happy little mountain”

David : “There is some skill there. Either they painted the whole painting, or they used a painting from a thrift store but did an awesome job of matching the colors for the face paint.”

#31 My Office Costume Contest Entry This Year

Image source: feelin_raudi

Lyone Fein : “Wow”

nancy : “Anytime I see stilt walkers, I wonder if (during their training) they’ve ever fallen. I can’t get the horrifying thought out of my mind!”

Kevin the Manager : “The way he’s holding his legs up, looks like he’s lettin’ a big one go! “That chili was so spicy, it sent me straight to the moon! OWEEEE!””

#32 Couples Costume | Predator & Thermal

Image source: Go_oma-da624

Rohit Remesh : “the way it grins is wholesome also nightmare fuel”

#33 The Shining

Image source: Dlo455

Delta Dawn : “you just need the twin doggos to join you”

#34 What’s Up Everyone?

Image source: ethanwc

Jen Exer : “Russell got a glow up!”

Natalie H : “Lol this is a good one!!”

#35 My Kid Won Her Elementary School Costume Contest!

Image source: No-Effective-6222

Paul C. : “I bet she did. Good job!”

Rae North : “Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau posts his son in a likewise costume and people go crfazy calling him insensitive due to the Hamas/Israel conflict. Its fun for Halloween.”

bluegal (they/them) : “That is so…LITERALLY FREAKING AWESOME!”

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