30 Movie Bloopers That Were So Good, They Were Left In The Final Cut

Published 5 years ago

No movie is safe from an occasional blooper here and there. Maybe the actor forgot their lines? Or maybe an animal ran into the shot? While most of them end up requiring another take, there are times when a blooper happens in such a perfect manner, it makes movie history.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of movie bloopers that were so good, they not only made it to the final cut but became iconic scenes we fondly remember to this day. Check them out in the gallery below!

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#1 The Godfather (1972)

If you always thought the scene where Vito Corleone gives out orders while stroking a cat is pure genius, we’ve got news for you. It was completely accidental – the cat snuck into the set and jumped into Marlon Brando’s lap, becoming a part of an iconic scene.

#2 The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005)

Actor Steve Carell had an option to use make-up and special effects for this scene but decided to try the real thing. We think it’s safe to say his reaction says it all.

#3 Rocky (1976)

Because of the movie’s low budget, many of the people in the background were regular people who had no idea a movie is being filmed – like the man who threw Rocky the orange.

#4 The Dark Knight (2008)

The Joker’s iconic clap during Jim Gordon’s promotion wasn’t scripted – it was the result of Heath Ledger’s genius improvisation skills.

#5 The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers (2002)

In Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers, Eowyn is seen looking at the distance when a flag rips off the pole and flies away. The scene looks too good to be an accident – but it was.

#6 Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

In Mrs. Doubtfire, when Robin Williams’ character covers her face with icing, a few drops fall into Mrs. Sellner’s tea. The actor then says “There you go, you’ve got your cream and your sugar now” – a line that was ad-libbed on the spot.

#7 Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014)

Peter was never supposed to drop the orb – actor Chris Pratt accidentally dropped it and then quickly picked it up. And since he did not break character, the scene was kept in the final cut.

#8 Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)

In the original script, the fight between Indiana Jones and the armed warrior was supposed to be an intense duel. However, Harrison Ford got food poisoning and was feeling ill so the director had to make a change – instead of the duel, Indy simply pulls out his gun and shoots the warrior.

#9 Thor: The Dark World (2013)

The part where Thor hangs his hammer on a coat rack was actually just Chris Hemsworth joking around but the crew thought the scene was so funny, they included it in the final cut.

#10 Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

When Princess Leia tells Han Solo she loves him, his response was supposed to have been “I love you too” – but Harrison Ford didn’t think the response suited the character well. That’s why he responded with “I know”.

#11 Forrest Gump (1994)

Tom Hanks said the last bit of his “My name’s Forrest Gump. People call me Forrest Gump” line by accident.

#12 The Princess Diaries (2001)

In The Princess Diaries, during a scene where Anne Hathaway is sitting on the bleacher with her friend, the actress takes a nasty fall. Turns out this was not scripted and the scene fitted the clumsy nature of the main character too perfectly.

#13 Avengers

During filming, Robert Downey Jr. wouldn’t stop snacking – so the director had to implement his snacking habit into the movie.

#14 Django Unchained (2012)

During an intense scene in Django Unchained, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character smashes a glass with his hand and starts bleeding. This scene was not scripted – Leo actually cut his hand but did not break character and the scene made it to the final cut.

#15 The Silence Of The Lambs (1991)

Even though Anthony Hopkins’ character only had about 25 minutes of screen time during the whole film, the actor managed to give an absolutelly chilling performance. Most of the actor’s lines were improvised and the surprised look on Jodie Foster’s face was genuine.

#16 Titanic (1997)

After none of the lines seemed to have been working, James Cameron told DiCaprio to say “I am the king of the world” and really try to sell it. The scene went on to become one of the most iconic ones in the whole movie.

#17 The Usual Suspects (1995)

The line-up scene in The Usual Suspects was not supposed to be a funny one – but one of the actors couldn’t stop passing gas during filming and others kept cracking up.

#18 Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004)

During the scene where Clementine disappears, actor Jim Carrey wasn’t told that she would disappear and the look on his face is genuine.

#19 Full Metal Jacket (1987)

The actor who played Gny. Sgt. Hartman, R. Lee Ermey, was an actual Marine drill instructor in real life. He was never even supposed to play the part and was hired as a technical adviser but was eventually given a part.

#20 Dirty Dancing (1987)

In Dirty Dancing, the scene where Johnny and Baby are crawling towards each other was not scripted – the actors were just warming up before filming and the director loved it.

#21 Rain Man (1988)

In Rain Man, Dustin Hoffman accidentally farted but actor Tom Cruise stayed in character made it look like a part of the scene.

#22 Scent Of A Woman (1992)

Al Pacino was not supposed to fall during the scene – the actor actually got so good at simulating blindness, he could barely see and ended up tripping over a trash can.

#23 Fast And Furious 6 (2013)

In one scene Roman says “Hey Mia, You better hide your baby oil”. Hobbs was never supposed to say anything but responded with “You better hide that big ass forehead” – a scene regarded as one of the funniest in the whole movie.

#24 Blade Runner (1982)

During the scene where Daryl Hannah runs away in panic and trips, shattering a window, the actress actually tripped for real. She even had to be taken to the hospital since she broke her elbow.

#25 The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013)

The scene where Matthew McConaughey is banging his chest was not originally supposed to be in the film – it was actually the actor’s method of relaxation he used before filming. Leonardo DiCaprio suggested it be used in the scene since it fit so perfectly.

#26 Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels (1998)

Nick the Greek wasn’t supposed to break the table, it was an accident – as was the actor’s reaction.

#27 Scream (1996)

Matthew Lillard’s line “Ah… Houston, we have a problem”, when he realizes the gun is missing, was completely improvised.

#28 The ‘Burbs (1989)

The part where Tom Hanks throws the gurney into the back of the ambulance wasn’t scripted – it was the actor’s own idea he came up with on the spot.

#29 American Beauty (1999)

The scene where Lester Burnham the plate at the wall was improvised – Spacey was supposed to throw it at the floor. The other actors did not expect him to throw it at the wall so their reactions are genuine.

#30 The Other Guys (2010)

During the scene where Terry says that if he were a lion and Allen were tuna, he would swim into the ocean and eat Allen, Will Farrel was not supposed to respond. However, the actor improvised by explaining why a swimming lion is a ridiculous idea.

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