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Artist Illustrates What Being Bisexual Is Like With Cute Kitten Illustrations

Published 4 years ago

According to the Center For Disease Control, bisexual people may make up the biggest part of the LGBT community. And even though there are a lot of people out there who identify as bisexual, many still refuse to agree bisexuality exists.

LGBTQ activist Jessie Page recently collaborated with Paws Of Pride to create a series of adorable cat illustrations breaking all myths and misconceptions people have about bisexuality. “We aren’t labels,” write Paws Of Pride in their heartfelt post – and these illustrations will help you understand why.


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The illustrations were followed by an important message

Image credits: pawsofpride

Image credits: pawsofpride

Many people believe that you are either gay or straight – for most of them bisexuality is not even an option. But it’s so much more than that – it is proof that sexual preference doesn’t have to be “either/or”.

Paws of Pride create all sorts of adorable illustrations supporting the LGTBQ community

Image credits: pawsofpride

Even among the LGBTQ community bisexuality often causes confusion – polls were created to measure how many people identified themselves as bisexual and the creators noticed that even the language used affected peoples’ choices. Some choose not to self-identify as bisexual even though they exhibit the behavior.

Image credits: pawsofpride

Image credits: pawsofpride

The refusal to accept bisexuality even led to the creation of the term “biphobia” – an aversion toward bisexuality and toward bisexual people as a social group or as individuals.

Image credits: pawsofpride

Image credits: pawsofpride

Even though the number of Americans identifying as bisexual is rising, it is mostly due to women. Many bisexual men are dismissed as being gay and that even affects their health – according to the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, bisexual men have disproportionately high HIV rates due to being afraid to seek out medical care.

Image credits: pawsofpride

Sadly, because bisexual people are more likely to get into a relationship with a partner of the opposite sex, some refuse to acknowledge their sexual preference thus further contributing to biphobia.

Image credits: pawsofpride

Many people loved the illustrations and the message they sent

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