20 Bizarre Building Designs That Look Incredibly Cool Yet Uncomfortable

Published 9 months ago

With the advancements in technology that we now have, architects are able to bring to life their most imaginative designs. These unique structures are often complex and bizarre to the point that they look almost uncomfortable to live in. 

The r/bizarrebuildings subreddit is dedicated to finding the most intriguingly diverse structures where the architect had complete design freedom. The results are often weird, and leave one wondering who would want to live there let alone manage the upkeep. But one must admit, it’s amazing to see that these days, the only thing holding us back from living in the future, is our own imagination. 

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#1 Netherlands Beauty

Image source: carmensax

#2 This Looks Like Candy

Image source: filthyMrClean

#3 Casa Batlló, Barcelona, Spain

Image source: netphilia

#4 Brick Expressionism In Frankfurt, Germany

Image source: Boluddha_Photography

#5 This Building In The Philippines That Looks Like A Ship And Has A Korean Restaurant And A Cafe “Onboard”

Image source: anton-bg

#6 Azadi (Freedom) Tower, Tehran, Iran

Image source: getanamepls

#7 Alpine Refuge From World War I Located At 2760 Meters, Monte Cristallo, Italy

Image source: TX908

#8 This Church In Reykjavik

Image source: coolaja

#9 Supertree Grove, Singapore

Image source: lupinaster

#10 Mid-Century House Built Over A River In New Canaan, Connecticut

Image source: archineering

#11 Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, Arkansas

Image source: cesarth15

#12 Building Loading… 89%

Image source: nomaddd79

#13 Furniture Shop In Colombia

Image source: HibbityBibbityBop

#14 Residential Neighborhood Near Zurich, Switzerland

Image source: sopadebombillas

#15 Casa Torta, Brazil

Image source: logatwork

#16 Colin’s Barn, Chedglow, England

Image source: biwook

#17 Whale Museum That Looks Like A Whale In Norway

Image source: perfect_wonders

#18 The Round House Wilton – 1968

Image source: tiptoeintotown

#19 There’s A Huge Open Market In The Netherlands With Apartments Inside

Image source: LimpBrother21

#20 Modern Cabin For Rent In Norway

Image source: coolaja

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