30 Magnificent, Crazy, And Wild Photos Captured In The Burning Man Festival 2022

Published 2 years ago

The pandemic put a break on “Burning Man” for two years but now it’s back with amazing weeklong festival-like experiences. The crazy and colorful event invites thousands of Burners to gather around for building a temporary metropolis and celebrate community, art, music, and self-expression.

It was organized in Nevada’s remote Black Rock Desert and it ran from August 28th through September 5th. From quirky costumes to crazy artwork, check out some of the most amazing things spotted in this event in the gallery below.

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Image source: frequentcyclist


Image source: janeshamaeva


Image source: ml_docphotography


Image source: dave_dresden


Image source: hybycozo


Image source: andreyxfrazao


Image source: win_chill


Image source: jessewelle


Image source: dave_dresden


Image source: RayAgua1031


Image source: johnnydiggz


Image source: jenlewinstudio


Image source: freeride_shop


Image source: anastasiasqg


Image source: burningmanphoto


Image source: cavicarm


Image source: burningmanphoto


Image source: janeshamaeva


Image source: Embark_Fund


Image source: imanstotle


Image source: GeorgeKrieger


Image source: deepplayataxi


Image source: janeshamaeva


Image source: metaphoenix.art


Image source: BorrachoYLoco3


Image source: frequentcyclist


Image source: davidanmed


Image source: CastanedaDreams


Image source: Li54


Image source: yanamyphotography

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