30 Candid Pics Of Newborns Vs. The Cute Photos Parents Share On Social Media

Published 6 months ago

They say that every baby is beautiful. But that statement may not be all that true, according to these hilarious TikTok video responses people have shared of their babies as newborns.

Comparing those first photos that were snapped to the one that they actually shared online to announce the birth of their newborn, parents are engaging in this new trend with gusto. Scroll below to check out this funny collection that may have you laughing helplessly along. 

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Image source: lifewiththecrazies


Image source: ok.k8lyn

Fortescue_: When you wake up from a nap and don’t know what planet you’re on.


Image source: bayleehazelmay

Hphizzle : Little dude was stuck in the birth canal for a hot minute.


Image source: jeydaweydabobeyda


Image source: desirewestphal


Image source: blake11_4

Undercover: E. T. 😂


Image source: madalynsmith70

Hphizzle: The second would have been my choice for his birth. Haha!!


Image source: diana_xo47


Image source: haleyalexis21

Canandelabra: Of course we think of the mom’s but what babies go through is mind boggling!


Image source: mya_robinson6


Image source: kearaapayne23


Image source: xxkateelyn

Canandelabra: She’s like dang mom that was TRAUMATIC!


Image source: hmhxoxo26


Image source: keek_is_the_name


Image source: mamaallie


Image source: blinkingdisposablevape


Image source: katiegracepridemo

Helena: Wow, she gave birth to a middle-aged tax adjuster. That must’ve hurt.


Image source: alexaaa_rose_

motherbanana: Old grumpy face, but cute! I hear him say: In my days, people worked more and complained less. Or something like this


Image source: siarrahthomas0


Image source: lcdabest


Image source: lovely.malikaa

Katey Doll: That suction cup did a job!!!


Image source: annakat1323

Canandelabra: Are those forceps marks?? Poor baby!


Image source: kyjanee_


Image source: hollyabigail_


Image source: journeytobabyskaggs

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