The Way Cards Against Humanity Responded To A Girls Complaint Will Remind You To Be Careful What You Wish For

Published 6 years ago

In order of June’s Pride month celebration, Cards Against Humanity released a special edition pack of cards called the “Pride Pack”. The customers could choose whether to add glitter to the pack or not. Sadly, the company had run out of glitter but a woman named Kait Johnson wasn’t having it – she wanted that glitter. So what did Kait do? She emailed the company and asked for a s**t ton of glitter. Little did she know, that was a big mistake.

At first, it started pretty tame – Cards Against Humanity responded by sending a small envelope filled with glitter but for Kait, it was not enough. After the first batch of glitter, she responded with an “Is that all you got?” message. And greed quickly got the best of her. One day she found a box by her door – it was full of glitter. About 5lbs of glitter, to be more exact. After that, Kait had to admit defeat. “I honestly didn’t expect a response, let alone a box of glitter,” Kait told Bored Panda. “I’m actually trying to look for a school that might need extra glitter for their art class.”

Of course, not everyone found this story funny – many were worried about its negative impact on the environment. Since glitter is a microplastic, it eventually ends up in the oceans and gets consumed by the creatures living in it. Let’s hope Cards Against Humanity used biodegradable glitter!

Check out Kait’s hilarious glitter adventure in the gallery below!


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To celebrate Pride month, Cards Against Humanity released a special Pride Pack that includes glitter. Even though they ran out, this woman still wanted her glitter

So what did Kait do? She emailed the company and asked for a s**t ton of glitter

“Should I be afraid?”

“CAH responded. Their response turned my anxiety dial to 10”

“It came in today. Small white envelope hummm…..”

“Tiny amount of glitter and they admit they f**ked up. Not gonna lie I’m kinda disappointed”

This was just the beginning

“So my girlfriend got this in the mail today. From CAH????”

“She’s a little thick on the sides”

“Trolled again, just a grey plastic sleeve filled with more glitter and a card”

“So after some small packages reddit user u/cd247 suggested my girlfriend send this to CAH”

“So she did this was the reply they sent back. Now I’m terrified”

“We walk up to the house saying, what the hell is that?”

“Hhuummmmm I see glitter and a big box”

“I wonder why they left the mail Box?”

“If you find glitter on your packages I’m so not sorry”

“That’s box was filled with glitter, weight about 5LBs. But no spring trap, or trap of any kind”

“Seen the Mail Lady down the street and she said keep the box, they don’t want it back”

She eventually had to admit defeat

Here’s what the people had to say

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