Celebrating Mahavir Jayanti in Jaipur

Published 8 years ago

Jaipur is a city where a large number of festivals that are specific to the northern part of India are celebrated. In fact, if one compares to the festivals held in the dry and arid regions to the ones in the places that are watered by a river, one is bound to notice a sharp distinction. Jaipur celebrates various festivals of which the camel festival and the Mahavir Jayanti are done with great pomp.

One can guess why the camel festival is so important to the people of Jaipur, but why is the Mahavir Jayanti so popular here? Well, if one glances at a census report of India, dating back to 2011, one is bound to notice that Rajasthan has the second largest Jain population in the country. Thus, this festival, which is of immense importance to the people of this faith celebrate it in a grand style in this city.

Why is Mahavir Jayanti celebrated?

Mahavir Jayanti celebrates the birth anniversary of Mahavir. Mahavir was believed to be the last of all the 23 Jain tirthankaras, and he is believed to be the enlightened one of all. If the celebrations of Mahavir Jayanti in the month of April in 2016 be taken into account, it would be the 261st birthday of Mahavira! In most of the Jain temples across the country, you will come across an idol which of Mahavira. If you are planning to visit Jaipur to witness this festival, then make sure that you book a room in your preferred hotel in jaipur 3 star sometime in advance so as to avoid any last minute hussle.

How is Mahavir Jayanti celebrated in Jaipur?

The city gets infused with a new life during the Mahavir Jayanti celebration. The festivities generally last for three days or so, and it generally takes place during the month of April. The heat during this time of the year fails to mar the spirit of festivity that pervades the entire city! You will come across various Jain temples in this city, one of which is located on Gopalji ka raasta. The festival generally kicks off with religious hymns being sung in this lane on the first day. Huge numbers of people gather here and indulge themselves in singing devotional hymns. If you decide to step out of your resort jaipur three star in the evening and visit the temple area again, you will find people flocking and engaging in some fun over here.

The second day of the festival is devoted to the Prabhat Pheri, which is basically a devotional gathering that ultimately becomes a rally. This is the day when people of this faith take part in numerous social activities like giving out food to the poor, setting up blood donation camps etc.

The third and the final day, is a day of the Shobha Yatra, which is again a rally. On this day, every Jain household of the city decks it’s self up in lights. People also gather to the temples throughout the day and one often comes across rallies that speak for protecting the rights of animals.

Thus, the Mahavir Jayanti is a time to spread social care and awareness and not just about engaging in merry making!

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