27 Iconic Movie Scenes Where A Character Had A Surprising Realisation

Published 6 months ago

As much as it might pain scriptwriters to admit it, a good actor can often deliver a powerful performance with just a subtle shift in body language and facial expression. And there is no better scene for a skilled master of the stage than a scene depicting a character suddenly understanding something important.

An X page dedicated to movie details asked users to share the best film moments where a character realizes something absolutely vital. So get comfortable, prepare to realize what films you should perhaps rewatch, and be sure to upvote your favorite examples.

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#1 Inglourious Basterds

Image source: TheCinesthetic

They were spies pretending to be Germans. Europeans (or Germans at least) make a three with their thumb instead of their ring finger, thus giving away that they were not German

#2 Fight Club

Image source: dotBeOne

Brad Pitt’s character Tyler Durden is imaginary

#3 Game Of Thrones

Image source: Deepak13249742

Lady Catelyn Stark realizes what’s about to happen in the Red Wedding Scene.

#4 The Princess Bride

Image source: RobbyBaronUp

#5 When Jigsaw Gets Up From The Floor At The End Of The First Saw Movie. He Was In The Room With Them The Entire Time Playing Dead

Image source: JaesonStrategos

#6 When Mills Realizes His Wife’s Head Is In The Box! The Whole Expression Change Is Just Phenomenal

Image source: ComeGeekSome1

#7 House Realizes He Has Been Hallucinating

Image source: nocontexthousem

#8 You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat. Jaws (1975)

Image source: Pbizzlemyshizzl

#9 The Green Mile! When He Sees The Truth

Image source: DeBullVader

#10 How Dare You Show Your Back To Me!

Image source: The_Real_Fly

#11 They’re Digging In The Wrong Place

Image source: Equality7d2521

#12 Wizard Of Oz: Dorothy Pulls Back The Curtain

Image source: HSI_TV

The Wizard created a powerful illusion of himself to demonstrate  control until Dorothy pulls back the curtain to find a small man, with microphone.

#13 6th Sense

Image source: RA_Plunk

#14 The Usual Suspects

Image source: Pontoon_Captain

Agent Kujan realizes that Keaton is the real Keyser Söze and killed the team.

#15 When He Doesn’t See Anyone In The Room, Goodfellas

Image source: adams_lk_kruger

Tommy’s death scene.

#16 Hank Realizes Who Heisenberg Is, Breaking Bad

Image source: Jeffreyshmeffry

#17 This Moment. Primal Fear

Image source: Yvanldc

#18 One Of My Faves Is When These Dudes Realize Where Andy Went. (The Shawshank Redemption)

Image source: Sloanstweets

#19 The Professional

Image source: ChrisWi57879689

As Léon dies, he presses a grenade pin in Stansfield’s palm, saying that it is from Mathilda. Stansfield opens Léon’s vest to find a cluster of grenades, which detonate, killing Stansfield.

#20 Star Wars

Image source: oldhockeycards

Luke Skywalker realizes Darth Vader is his father.

#21 Die Hard With A Vengeance Elevator Scene

Image source: 357txdude

John McClane realizes the officers are fake.

#22 Speed, When Harry Realizes The House Is Rigged To Blow And It’s Too Late To Get Out

Image source: BreadPilot94

#23 When Clarice Sees The Moth In Buffalo Bill’s House

Image source: MiamiNiiice

#24 The Matrix

Image source: Salle7De

Neo finds out he’s been living in a fake reality.

#25 The Silence Of The Lambs. The Moment Agent Starling Realises… It’s Him!!

Image source: SteppaMusic

#26 The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

Image source: nandacautiero

#27 Shutter Movie Ending

Image source: Ria_ScoobyCute

At the end Ben realizes that Megumi is still attached to him.

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