25 Obvious Signs Of A Partner Cheating, According To Netizens

Published 7 months ago

Even when we suspect someone we care about engaging in some shadiness, we might try to give them the benefit of the doubt or turn a blind eye to such activities. Whether it’s our friend trying to pull a fast one on us, our family trying to con us for some cash or our kids trying to manipulate gifts for themselves there are many situations where we just look the other way. 

Sometimes this may even occur in our relationships when our significant other starts acting a bit awkward about a new friendship they’ve struck up. We want to give our sweetheart the benefit of the doubt, we want them to have our trust, and we want them to have the freedom to make the right choice. But when our partners are outright cheating on us there are some obvious signs along the way. Redditors recently got together to share those red flags that immediately signify when their SO was cheating on them and if you see any of these signs, best walk away quick. 

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#1 She started spending a lot of time at her ‘cousins’ house. Seemed obvious she was secretly meeting up with a dude and using the cousin as a cover story so I checked her phone and was shocked to find I was wrong. She was actually just banging her cousin.

Image source: StrangledByTheAux, iam hogir

#2 Phone bill showed she was texting this other number 600 a month. It looked familiar so when I dialed it it was a buddy of mine.

Image source: rmorlock, Ketut Subiyanto

#3 Treating me like s**t then being suddenly sweet and interested in my day. Phone was always facing down and hated when I would hold it for any reason. Never wanted sex. Would be in the bathroom for an absurdly long time. There’s a lot more. When you’ve been cheated on as many times as I have, it’s like learning another language.

Image source: ValuableEggplant723, Keira Burton

#4 “My friend that I met online from another state is coming to visit me. Don’t come over that night. He wants me to finally watch (that one studio ghibli film. name escapes me. castle in the sky or something?)” I was so naive it barely bothered me at the time. It hit me later ???

Image source: Shocking_Pink, Artem Podrez

#5 The knot in my stomach. Gut feeling. Intuition. Fun fact it’s right about 80+% of the time. Give it a search. But it was how he’d always answer curiosity with anger and anything but an actual answer. Also dreams and achievements were downplayed or insulted.

Image source: ZookeepergameNo719, Timur Weber

#6 Hiding her phone when texting. And also, weirdly our cat who would never sit on anyone’s lap was constantly sitting with me and on me and then stopped shortly after I found out. Figure the cat was ratting her out. Good cat. I kept the cat.

Image source: Natezey

#7 The friend she previously had a crush on moved back to town, I half-joked that our relationship had an end date.

Suddenly she ignores me every night, her snap maps are turned off for the first time ever (normally not something I care about nor check, but her acting sketchy made me curious), and showed up to work with a hickey on her neck.

Told me she was leaving me to “be closer to God”. Turns out God’s name is Kevin.

Image source: ShawshankException

#8 My young children telling me they saw him kissing our neighbor and my best friend.

Image source: marianiml, Ketut Subiyanto

#9 Change in communication patterns is a big one.

Image source: TooYoungToBeThisOld1, Alex Green

I’ve been cheated on 5 times and every single time they start showing a lack of interest beforehand. They’ll distance themselves and stop checking in, almost like they’re trying to limit the damage done by forcing distance between you.

But in the end it’s more-so about them protecting themselves and their own interests than you. If they really cared about you, they would break things off before it even reaches the point of cheating. And that is something I wish I realized sooner.

#10 When I came home early from work and there were men’s boots by the door that weren’t mine. Plus, them f*****g in the bedroom was pretty good confirmation. They’re both very lucky they aren’t dead right now. That was my first instinct.

Image source: ZappSmithBrannigan, Radek Skrzypczak

#11 I showed up at her house to suprise her after work but to my suprise a guy answered the door. Turns out he was her fiancé who was working abroad and had decided to come home early to suprise her also. I had no idea she was engaged.

Image source: Rotmap91, Ron Lach

#12 The old “working late” chestnut, blowing v hot and cold, encouraging me to go out with the boys, then coming home early and finding her on her back getting banged kinda confirmed my suspicions…

Image source: OkTie333, Ron Lach

#13 She forgot her phone home and a guy sent her a message reading ”your dumbass bf home? finish work at 2”.

She got home to an empty appartment and a note detailling what happened. Packed a go bag, laptop, clothes and paid for the next 4 months of rent. Scorched earth. Never saw her again. Hope I never do.

Image source: hyugafan

#14 Crazy jealousy, and rules that only applied to me but not him( couldn’t have a lock on my phone, wasn’t allowed to have Snapchat, had to share my location, etc). I’m not a jealous person so I never snooped, and I ended up finding out by complete accident.

Image source: donotrocktheboat, Budgeron Bach

#15 The person she cheated on me with messaging me on Facebook saying “nice ring you bought her, felt good up my a*s”….. funny in retrospect.

Image source: Chongyboiiii


Image source: rhett342, Breakingpic

She had been having an emotional affair with a guy from work but said she wasn’t talking to him anymore. We were on a road trip, she was driving, and I was using her phone for GPS since mine was messed up. She got a text from a phone number about seeing her tomorrow. She tried to play it off like it was a wrong number but I recognized it was his and called her out on it. A few days later, on the advice of multiple friends, I went to our cell phone company and got a copy of her call logs. She’d been calling him many times over weeks (not to mention how many times he called her). It was always when she’d “go on walks” by herself at night because she “likes the quiet alone time.” Yeah, and the selfies she had on her phone of her looking sexy in a bikini or laying on bed were just because she liked how she looked. I can’t believe how stupid I was to believe that lying cheater.


Image source: MandalorianManners, Kindel Media

The dead bedroom that lasted 7 years. Each year was some form of excuse involving some sort of medical issue that would just resolve itself without requiring any sort of medical treatment.

The last straw was buying a house in her hometown where all of her childhood friends were a part of a large-ish (for the total population) swinger community.

One of my friends from work came up to me while we were on a break and asked me, “How come I never see you at any of Kay’s (her best friend and host of 90% of the swinger events) bonfire parties?”

I was like, “What bonfire parties?”

Their reaction and the look on their face ((immediately embarrassed and pitying mixed with horror and fear) told me absolutely everything I needed to know. She had been doing this for years. I was clueless because I was convinced that she was completely loyal. I was in an incredibly difficult and traumatic marriage to my son’s mom, my first wife. She committed many felonious acts and was eventually convicted of grand larceny for stealing large sums of money from developmentally delayed adults.

She got caught in a sting operation by a joint task force of FBI and county sheriff. I was not involved and only ever spoke with law enforcement over the phone

She kidnapped our grade-school child, during his recess period, told no one and ran to her daddy, who lives in the next state over from us, presumably believing that she was safe because she crossed state lines…? My take, anyway.

She received 6 whole days in a county jail and then got her rich daddy to expunge her record. We were divorced a year later and it ruined me.

So! I filed for divorce from my second wife immediately and completely lost my s**t on her in the comments section. ??‍♂️

She got the house.

I got my dog, my truck and my trailer and live at my mom’s house again. I just turned 50.

#18 The big a*s hickey she had on her neck that our coworkers noticed. Our coworkers were joking around about the kind of weekend we had. Problem was that i didn’t give her a hickey. She didn’t even deny it when i confronted her about it. To add the hell cherry on this c**p sundae, all of this happened on Valentines Day. It’s why I hate that blasted holiday.

Image source: howto1012020, ᴇᴍɪ

#19 It’s all so cliche. He started caring about his clothes after years of sweats, ripped jeans and old band tees, he shows up in Tod’s shoes and a Ralph Lauren sweater. Suddenly his phone is on silent and never out of his hand or pocket. Missing and unaccounted for periods of time. Serious manscaping.

Image source: Ruby-Skylar, MART PRODUCTION

#20 I think that learning to differentiate between our anxiety and our gut is crucial. My spidey senses went up, and I remember we were kissing and he kissed me differently or touched me differently…. *something* was different and I just knew and called him on it.

Image source: Abject-Transition-47, cottonbro studio

#21 Her side piece got tired of her telling him she’d leave me and her not doing it so he contacted me himself and told me.

Image source: punkinabox, MART PRODUCTION


Image source: thrownededawayed, RDNE Stock project

She was really hot then cold, she’d ignore me for days then all of a sudden want to be with me non stop, then after a while she’d ghost again. I thought she just needed some alone time after we spent so long together, which I understand and appreciated, but I later found out that she would start to be distant when she made contact with someone else, then have this hyper fixated mini relationship with them, usually culminating with her cheating. Then she’d come back and be all over me, I suspect out of guilt.

Then other weird stuff, she’d be really cold on me for a while, she went to some camp as a counselor and was really distant the whole time, then randomly sent me a bunch of naked photos of herself, then not answer my texts “because of the bad signal” but by then I had caught on, those pics were for someone else and I was getting second hand nudes of my girlfriend from my girlfriend. We didn’t last much longer than that.

#23 The last guy to cheat on me, I remember the first sign vividly… we were out bowling with friends, he had been on his phone more than usual, and then I saw it, he smiled at his phone. Not in the ” haha my friends are funny” kind of way, you know the smile. I got that awful feeling in my chest. After he denied anything going on, I went on his phone while he was asleep ( I’m not proud of it) I saw the messages, I had met the girl that night too.

Image source: Idol_Luna, Monstera Production

#24 Her mom asked me to come over, and showed me screenshots from her computer of her making plans to meet up with a guy while I was at work. Her sister confirmed that it was her boyfriend, and she was planning on confronting both of them, and asked me to be there.

I declined, and ended the relationship with a phone call. Her sister was more my type anyway. The jealous looks from my ex when I came over to see her sister *were priceless*.

Image source: Pheonixmoonfire


Image source: StayFrostyOscarMike, Eren Li

Less sex was happening and she blamed it on meds. She constantly reassured me and I didn’t pressure her. After like 2 months without sex I mentioned maybe bringing it up to her doctor and she said she would… slowly became less affectionate to the point where she seemed repulsed.

But she kept reassuring me.

It took me taking her out to a nice lavish dinner only for her to get straight to bed and go on candy crush when we got home for me to finally snap. I waited until she went asleep, looked through her phone, and got what I needed.

She still denied and reassured me even in the face of evidence to the contrary.

A week later she told me that she fell out of love and hadn’t loved me for “months”. But she never made me the wiser.

Still icing that wound. 2.5+ year relationship.

I’ve learned in the future that if a relationship doesn’t work for me, I don’t need to justify it or expend energy trying to fix it. Sometimes it just stops working for me and I need to nut up and cut the losses. But it’s just like… you think you can trust someone :(

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