20 Women Recall What Made Them Immediately Ghost A Dude

Published 7 months ago

Though our natural instinct on a date is to be courteous and pleasant to our potential partner, there are times when something about the other person puts us off so much so that we end up reluctant to carry on any kind of relationship.

Netizens recently got together to discuss the reasons they ended up willingly ghosting someone and we’ve shared the most riveting stories from the thread below.

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He told me about his sister, he was really close to her and she had a special nickname for him and he was missing her because she moved out of state. Then he asked me to have phone sex with him and role play AS HIS SISTER and use the nickname and say things like “when will mom be home?” “What if mom sees us?”

Those red flags were like the flappy tube men outside of car dealerships. Bye bye incest man ✌️

Image source: littleghool, Aline Aronsky

#2 Displayed extreme hatred towards gay&trans people, and sex workers. I have zero tolerance for this

Image source: Galactifi, Alexander Grey


I was seeing this guy in college and one day, he brought up his disgust with women’s periods; not just the bleeding, but the symptoms that came with it. He said that women calling out sick because of menstrual cramps was utter BS and we should just suck it up. My friend has endometriosis and suffers from extremely heavy periods and chronic pain. I had extremely heavy periods which was a result of a hormone imbalance and was later diagnosed as anemic.

I did not see him again after that conversation, but I let him know that he was way out of line.

Image source: RewardNo3000, Karolina Grabowska

#4 He had a wife and children. Found out after a month of dating.

Image source: T-oblerone, Vidal Balielo Jr.

#5 Called Obama the N Word while cooking dinner for me on a stay-in date. I stood up and said I couldn’t be with someone who thought that was ok. Never spoke to her again.

Image source: SIEGERH1NO, Pete Souza

#6 After a few weeks of talking to this guy online, I ended up hospitalised because of my Crohn’s. I told him that the following morning they were going to do another colonoscopy to check how things were, and that I was a bit scared (doctors weren’t sure if my intestines were at risk of a rupture).

His reply? “Nothing compared to what I would do to your a*s”.

NOPE ? I blocked the hell out of him.

Image source: Therubberotter

#7 As soon as we sat down for dinner, he says “So actually I just got out of jail today! Crazy s**t. I have a bit of temper.” I hightailed it out of there pretty quick

Image source: Anilxe, RDNE Stock project

#8 He wanted me to put him in diapers and said he was falling in love with me…on the SECOND DATE. Officially Caspered

Image source: kperpapman, Serhii Demchenko


Went on a date with a guy and he was super nice, said all the right things, charming. I couldn’t put my finger on it but something seemed *really* off about the whole thing. I mean, my spidey senses we’re absolutely *screaming* so I cut the date short and googled him the same night when I got home. Turns out he had been arrested, not once but *3 separate times* for domestic violence. Immediately blocked him. Found out later through a coworker that knew him that all 3 of those arrests were with different women and apparently he had put his hands on other women too but was never arrested for it or anything. She told me I dodged a hell of a bullet and clearly I did. I’ve never felt more validated about listening to my instincts.

Image source: delilahdread, Pixabay

#10 He wasn’t allowed to work with children. Immediate ghost.

Image source: Rich-Significance618, Charles Parker

#11 He wanted to “do just the tip” without a condom, when I had clearly stated I wasn’t doing anything without a condom. Threw him out and blocked his number.

Image source: SnookerandWhiskey

#12 He told me I wasn’t the “kind of girl that he could introduce to his mother” and will spend his life with the person she chose for him while still wanting to be with me. Never spoke to him after that. Did hear he threw a tantrum over my engagement so I consider it a win

Image source: littlebabygorilla, Katerina Holmes


Another one: we were kissing in his car after our first date. He put his hand between my legs. I gently removed it, all while keeping lip locked. A minute later, his hand wanders back. I removed it again, “I’m not ready for that yet”.

When he put his hand back a third time, I said “dude what the hell!?”

He shrugged : “It’s a woman’s prerogative to put down boundaries, but it’s a man’s prerogative to push them.”

There was no second date.

Image source: TheKruszer, Jonathan Borba

#14 Googled his name and found out he had recently been in prison and had pending felony charges for planting a homemade bomb underneath the car of a man his ex-wife had been seeing.

Image source: Apexbanana, PhotoMIX Company

#15 He was antivax to the point where it affected his ability to get a job. So he’s living at his parent’s house, doing nothing with his life. He also has ambitions to become a “rapper”. I’ve heard his tracks. They are not good.

Image source: Jcan_Princess, Monstera Production

#16 He, unannounced, brought his three-year -old with him and tried to force interaction between us. Later tried to initiate sex whilst the kid was sleeping in the room.

Image source: YouDontLookDead, Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas

#17 His ex called asking where he was. Turns out he’d arranged with her to see his kids that day, but instead he told her he couldnt make it, because he was at my house. I had only known him a couple of weeks. I made up an excuse to make him leave shortly after that call, and completely ghosted. I have no respect for a man who shits on his children and ex and commitments that he made.

Image source: maddsturbation, Hassan OUAJBIR

#18 Went on a first date, and she jumped right into talking about this “amazing income opportunity.” Noped right outta there.

Image source: genxindifferance, Pixabay

#19 Had a date booked with a guy from an app. Day off I stalked his social media and saw a recent post where he had screenshotted a ladies dating profile from the app and posted it laughing about her body to his friends. Stood him up and got loads of whiney messages but f**k him.

Image source: plant_witch37, MOHI SYED

#20 He was TikTok famous (I’m not on there) and was cancelled for homophobic and creepy child-related “jokes”. I found out when my mother Googled him and sent me a video of him, saying, “is this really who you want to be associated with?”.

Image source: fatlanta23, cottonbro studio

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