20 Of The Best Reactions To People’s ‘Coming Out’ Announcements

Published 1 year ago

Coming out as LGBTQ+ can be quite a life experience. While the process of coming to terms with and sharing one’s identity can be quick for some, it can be a gradual process for others. In the meantime, one hopes to be met with understanding, acceptance and love.

But no matter whom it involves revealing oneself to, the reality is it puts the LGBTQ+ person in a very vulnerable situation. So Netizens got online to discuss what is the best response to give in response to “Dad, I think I’m gay” and folks shared their honest opinions based on personal experiences. 

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Image source: DifficultAccident9, Josue Michel

In the 90s, when my girlfriend finally told her traditional Italian mom and grandma at 19, they sighed in unison and grandma said, ‘oh thank baby Jesus, I was worried that I was going to have to tell you.


Image source: PotterWhoLock01, Ahsanjaya

Your mother owes me £10.


Image source: FizzlePopBerryTwist, Markus Spiske

Hi gay, I’m Dad.


Image source: Psychological-Run679

I was getting ready to go to a sleepover with a girl I was totally crushing on and my mom was like “you look like you’re getting ready for a date!”
And I paused and was like “would it be okay if I was…. Going on a date with a girl?”
My mom just said, “Of course just remember to practice safe sex. You can get STDs from girls too!”


Image source: Ashtar-the-Squid, Vanderlei Longo

This story does not involve a dad, but it involves a very religious grandma. One of my friends was very nervous about telling his grandma that he was gay, and put it off for a long time. But when he turned 18 he decided that he had to get this done. When he told her she just looked at him calmly answered “of course you are. I have known that since you were 10”. At the age of 10 he didn’t even know it himself yet.


Image source: narnababy, Christine Siracusa

“So that’s why you don’t like mushrooms”. At least that’s what my friends dad said to him when he came out. We still don’t know what he meant by that.


Image source: doc1176, Anete Lusina

Great ! Now I don’t have to worry about you getting some girl pregnant !

Am Dad. Said this !


Image source: taftastic, Alexander Grey

Hi probably gay, I’m definitely dad.


Image source: Drendari, Anna Shvets

It’s okay, your mother likes guys too, maybe I am the weird one.


Image source: DaneDuaPooja1729, National Cancer Institute

Asian Dad: But are you a Doctor yet?


Image source: 1beerattatime, Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas

I want you to know that no matter who you love, I still need you to take out the trash. It’s full. And replace the f*****g liner this time.”


Image source: Ginchy1971, Mika Baumeister

You still have to wear a condom.


Image source: KeyboardRoller, Frederick Shaw

My stepdad, who I consider my dad, was the man that raised me, and he’s a big redneck steel worker. I came out at 18 and he sat me down and said “son, I’ve loved you like you were my own for the past 14 years. Why the hell would I stop now?”


Image source: tahquitz84, boram kim

My daughter was looking extremely nervous one night while I was cooking dinner. I could see her talking quietly with her mom but she continued to look uneasy.

After a bit of time, she came into the kitchen and I asked her what was wrong. She didn’t want to tell me at first but I could tell she was uneasy so I said she could always tell me anything.

She finally said that she was pansexual. I just looked at her and said “that just means twice as many people that can turn you down for dates now” and she busted out laughing as I went back to cooking to finish dinner.

She was apparently really nervous about telling me for some reason and was glad I wasn’t upset.


Image source: Mr_Mister247, cottonbro studio

When my daughter came out, I was a bit shocked, but I told her that I loved her completely and didn’t care who she loved. It completely softened her demeanour in our relationship and she has been far more open with me ever since. I think in the months leading up to that she was terrified to tell me, which made her distant and cold. After telling me that, she has been back to normal. Just tell them how much you love them, and get back to business as usual.


Image source: Dontneednodoctor, cottonbro studio

My mother was disappointed. Disappointed because, “You told your cousin Shirley before you told me? I think I should’ve been first.”


Image source: wafflemaker9093, V T

Lesbian here. When I came out to my dad he said “that’s ok honey, I don’t like guys either.”


Image source: 0Diamond0, Mattias Diesel

One of my friends from high school was gay, and when he came out to his family his Dad literally didn’t look up from his newspaper & told him his sister didn’t need to tell him she was straight so why would he need to explain that he was gay? He’s known him his whole life and already knew that.

It was cute because he was so worried.


Image source: LongjumpingCake1924

“I thought you were about to give me bad news! Don’t scare me like that!” – My granny when my uncle came out (in the ‘70’s!). She was decades ahead of her time…


Image source: Indraga, Jonas Leupe

I drunk-dialed my dad my freshman year of college in a sobbing mess and told him I was Bi. Went something like this:

Me: I’m bisexual.

Dad: Yeah, I figured.

Me: Huh? What?

Dad: There were some obvious signs. Go to sleep idiot. You have class in the morning.

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