30 Easter Eggs In Movies Hidden By Costume Designers That Might Surprise You

Published 2 years ago

When you are watching a movie, what do you focus on– the story, the filming techniques, the emotions conveyed by the actors, the background score, or something else? Since there are so many things to notice in each moment in a movie, it’s difficult to grasp everything at once. There are always some things that get missed.

Some people watch their favorite movies multiple times, yet they fail to notice some tiny details that are hidden inside the scenes. Well, if you are interested in them, the Reddit community “Movie Details” uncovers some of those subtle easter eggs hidden in the movies. Here, we have collected some of their interesting posts. Check them out in the gallery below.

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#1 In Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (2007), Umbridge’s Outfits Become A Darker Shade Of Pink As She Becomes More Powerful. Official Fact From The “Warner Bros Studio Tour”

Image source: Tokyono

#2 Wonder Woman (2017)’s Blue Dress Is A Nod To The 1975 Wonder Woman Series

Image source: dancingbanana123

#3 For Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (2004), Alfonso Cuarón Asked The Kids Playing The Hogwarts Students To Wear Their Uniforms As They Would If Their Parents Weren’t Around. This Is In Sharp Contrast To The First Two Films; Were They Wore Their Uniforms In A Very Orderly Fashion

Image source: Tokyono

#4 In Little Women (2019), Laurie And Jo Swap Articles Of Clothing

Image source: -ramona

#5 Stephen Spielberg Wanted To Direct A James Bond Film, But Eon Studios Said No. When He Told George Lucas This, They Decided To Create Indiana Jones, And In This Scene In Indiana Jones 2, Indiana Jones Is Dressed As James Bond

Image source: reddit.com

#6 In The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, The White Witch’s Crown Melts As Her Power Dwindles

Image source: FalconerGuitars

#7 Forrest Gump- When Jenny Introduces Forrest To His Son, They’re Wearing The Same Outfits As Burt And Ernie And Are Also Leaning To The Left Just Like Them

Image source: jeihkeih

#8 In The Dark Knight Rises (2012), Bruce Did Not Wear A Mask During The Masked Ball Scene. This Is Because He Considers Batman As His True Identity And “Bruce Wayne” As His Disguise In Public. When Selina Asked Him “Who Are You Pretending To Be? ” He Replied “Bruce Wayne, Eccentric Billionaire”

Image source: TouyaShiun

#9 In POTC: The Curse Of The Black Pearl (2003), Most Of Jack Sparrow’s Hats Are Made Of Rubber. This Is Because Johnny Depp Kept Losing Them And Throwing Them Overboard. After He Lost Ten Leather Hats, The Costume Designer Started Making Them Out Of Rubber So That They Would Float Instead Of Sink

Image source: Tokyono

#10 In Event Horizon, Sam Neill Requested That The Union Jack On An Australian Flag Patch Should Be Replaced With An Aboriginal Flag; The Way He Thought It’d Look In 2047

Image source: Eskimonk

#11 In Monty Python And The Holy Grail The Chain Mail Was Actually Knitted Yarn. I Have Seen This Movie About 30 Times And Just Noticed This Detail Yesterday. Not Sure If It Was Super Obvious To Everyone Else….

Image source: MustardTiger05

#12 In The Harry Potter Movies (2001-2011), Snape’s Costume Was The Only One That Never Changed. According To Costume Designer, Jany Temine:”Because, It Was Perfect. When Something Is Perfect You Cannot Change It.” She Joined In Prisoner Of Azkaban And Changed Most Costumes Except Snape’s

Image source: Tokyono

#13 Before Making Spaceballs, Mel Brooks Asked For George Lucas’s Permission To Parody Star Wars. Lucas Was Fine With It And Said The Only Condition Was Lone Star Didn’t Dress Like Han Solo. As A Result, Lone Star Was Dressed Reminiscent Of Indiana Jones Instead

Image source: esskay1711

#14 In Baby Driver (2017) This Bank Robbery Scene Was Supposed To Include The Michael Myers From Halloween (1978) But The Studio Couldn’t Get The Rights. Edgar Wright Reaches Out To Mike Myers And Asked If They Could Use His Likeness For The Masks. He Thought It Would Be Funny And Said Yes.

Image source: ETHNJCB

#15 Doc Brown’s Bandana From Back To The Future: Part III Is Made From His Shirt From Back To The Future: Part II

Image source: reddit.com

#16 In Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (2007). Dumbledore’s Army: All The Girls Are Wearing Skirts Except Ginny (3rd From Left) Who Is Wearing Pants; Probably A Hand-Me-Down From Her Brothers (Good Going Costume Department)

Image source: MariaRehan

#17 In The Dark Knight (2008), Joker Is Constantly Licking His Lips. This Is Actually Because Of The Prosthetic Scars That Heath Ledger Wore. They Kept Falling Off, So Heath Would Lick His Lips To Keep Them In Place. Gradually, It Became A Part Of The Joker’s Character.

Image source: Russian_Bagel

#18 In The Harry Potter Films, Voldemort’s Robes Faded In Colour Every Time A Horcrux Was Destroyed, To Give The Impression He Was Slowly Fading Away

Image source: MrScottAnthony

#19 For Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (2007), Luna Lovegood’s Actress Made The Radish Earrings That Her Character Wears In The Movie Herself

Image source: Tokyono

#20 In The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Paul Rudd Wears A Shirt With His Photo On It. The Photo Came From The Day They Shot Their Work Badges. The Costumer Printed It On A Shirt On A Whim And Left It With The Rest Of Rudd’s Wardrobe. When He Saw It, He Chose To Wear It In This Scene.

Image source: whiteymcgroovenhaven

#21 In Forrest Gump (1994), After Every Temporal Transition, Forrest Is Always Wearing A Blue Shirt Which Symbolizes A Change In Time

Image source: ShanksAkagami9

#22 In Robin Hood: Men In Tights (1993) The Sheriff Of Rottingham Wears Many Cowboy Sheriff Badges On Some Of His Outfits

Image source: IndieGengar

#23 In Knives Out (2019), Ransom’s Sweater Has A Ripped Collar And Several Noticeable Holes. The Costume Designer Added This Detail To Show Ransom’s Nonchalance Towards His Wealth And Disrespect For His Family

Image source: Numerous-Lemon

#24 In LOTR The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001), After Boromir’s Death Aragorn Puts On His Bracers As A Way To Honor Him. He’ll Wear Them For The Rest Of The Trilogy

Image source: ImTheTroutman

#25 Just Noticed That In Jurassic World When Bryce Dallas Howard Rolls Up Her Sleeves And Ties Her Shirt At The Bottom To Say “I’m Ready”, She’s Wearing It The Same Way Laura Dern Did In Jurassic Park

Image source: nickgene79

#26 In Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets, You Can See That Ron’s Robes Are Dingier/Older Than Everyone Else’s, As They Are Hand-Me-Downs

Image source: Knottsville

#27 Avengers Endgame – Stan Lee’s Cameo In The Movie, His Outfit Was Based On His Real Life Wardrobe From The 1970s. Looking Fly In The Movies And Real Life

Image source: MJanvier95

#28 In “Black Panther” (2018), The Outfits Of T’challa, Nakia, And Okoye While They Travel To Korea Represent The Colors Of The Pan-African Flag

Image source: carsonjr

#29 In Back To The Future 2, Docs Shirt Design Has Two Horses Chasing A Steam Train, Foreshadowing The Events Of The Next Film

Image source: DockingCobra

#30 In Deadpool 2 (2018), Wade Wears A Shirt That Says: “Olivia & Meredith. Best Friends Purrrr-Ever”. The Two Cats Actually Belong To Taylor Swift. The Production Crew Had To Get Permission From Her To Use Their Image

Image source: Numerous-Lemon

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