Museums Are Sharing Photos Of Their Creepiest Exhibits On Twitter (30 Pics)

Published 4 years ago

When was the last time you visited a museum? Probably back when you were still in school and remember them as places full of dusty old relics and strict curators that don’t let you touch anything. Well, today we have something that might help change your mind.

A few days ago, Yorkshire Museum in England started the #curatorbattle hashtag on Twitter and challenged other museums to share some of the creepiest exhibits they have. And they did! Soon enough, museums from all over the world started sharing all sorts of creepy objects they have on display, and let’s just say that browsing them after dark would be a bad idea.

Check out the creepiest museum exhibits in the gallery below!

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Yorkshire Museum challenged other museums to share some of the creepiest exhibits they have

Image credits: YorkshireMuseum


Image source: DHMBerlin


Image source: NatSciNMS


Image source: NatSciNMS


Image source: Ripleys


Image source: OuluRover


Image source: PEIMuseum


Image source: museum_owl


Image source: JennaLocke


Image source: YorkArtGallery


Image source: EghamMuseum


Image source: YorkCastle


Image source: PenshurstPlace


Image source: CatsInTheMuseum


Image source: AshmoleanMuseum


Image source: MuseumFear


Image source: Royal_Armouries


Image source: Larissa_Borck


Image source: grichards89


Image source: I_W_M


Image source: SeptimusKeen


Image source: NorwichCastle


Image source: profdanhicks


Image source: MuseumsGalScot


Image source: CMolinaSanchez


Image source: OldOpTheatre


Image source: maddiecsf


Image source: YorkMansionHse


Image source: Punk_Science


Image source: SMT_Collections


Image source: thackraymuseum

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