20 Most Cringey Things People Encountered At Weddings

Published 1 year ago

Weddings are meant to be joyous celebrations of love, but sometimes things go cringy or disappointing. The subreddit “Wedding Shaming” has become a hub for people to shame and criticize various aspects of weddings that they find distasteful, absurd, or downright outrageous.

From outrageous bridezillas to questionable fashion choices of guests, this group has seen it all. Check out some of their cringe-worthy posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Mother Of The Bride. Bride’s Dress Also Had Bejeweled Top And Float Bottom

Image source: bringmesomeshiraz

#2 From A Wedding Group, Bride Is Mad Because No One Has Sent Gifts Yet

Image source: Appropriate_Oven_213

#3 Pregnant Sister Obviously Got Pregnant On Purpose To Ruin The Wedding

Image source: takethesky87

#4 Groom Party Had An Interesting Take On Attire

Image source: TechLover89

#5 Greedy Ass Rude Bride. I’d Be Cancelling That Cheque Too

Image source: Comfortable-Iron6482

#6 Just When You Think The Bridezilla Requests Can’t Get Any More Ridiculous

Image source: secret_side_quest

#7 No, No That’s Not The Bride

Image source: EhmanFont

#8 Bridezilla Is Angry Because Best Man’s Pregnant Wife Is Due Around Bride’s Wedding Day And We All Know That Best Man’s Wife Deliberately Did That

Image source: Reading-is-awesome

#9 Bride Doesn’t Feel Like Getting Married Any More Because *checks Notes* The Surprise Is Ruined

Image source: SteveTheGoblinBard

#10 Moh Too Busy Texting To Watch The Ceremony

Image source: MelancholyMember

#11 I Literally Can’t Wrap My Head Around This Being Legit. Absolutely Bananas!

Image source: cooljesus69

#12 Had To Tell Mom She Can’t Wear This To My Wedding – Have Gotten Silent Treatment Since…

Image source: da_boy_max

#13 Bride Cancels Mua Because Mua Is Not Married And Has Kids. Bride Wants Deposit Back

Image source: keln061

#14 I Feel Like I’m Missing Something That Makes This Cute

Image source: cmelissa27

#15 Not My Post:entitled Fiancé Wants Someone To Pay For Her Nails

Image source: Delicious-Midnight11

#16 This Stuff Bugs Me So Damned Much!!

Image source: topskee780

#17 My Mum’s ‘Friend’ Had This Dress Especially Made To Wear To My Wedding

Image source: gumyoji

#18 Bride Is Upset Her Sister’s Life Isn’t Revolving Around Her Wedding

Image source: anniesun42

#19 I Have No Words For This… Absolutely Heartless

Image source: eatblueberrypancakes

#20 Family Wedding In India. The Groom’s Sisters Had Dresses, Makeup, Jewellery And Hair Done Similar To The Bride. The Only Difference Is Bride’s Red Wedding Bangles. That’s A Lot Even For Indian Customs!

Image source: niketyname

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