20 Delightful Pics Of Tiny Objects That Might Brighten Your Day

Published 1 year ago

What do you do when you see a tiny puppy or a smol baby? Most people go “aww”! And the same happens with objects like mini sofas for kittens or miniature whales. Tiny things are just adorable, aren’t they?

Sometimes, people make such small things that make others wonder “Is this for ants?” Turns out there is an entire subreddit dedicated to things for ants. Check out some of their most delightful posts in the gallery below.

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#1 What Is This, A Whale For Ants?

Image source: u/AlbertFischerIII

#2 What Are These, Candy Canes For Ants?

Image source: u/Iamdickburns

#3 My Sisters Boyfriend Knows She Likes Miniatures And Proposed To Her With A Tiny Ring (He Got Her A Real Ring, Of Course)

Image source: u/TruffleShuffleKing

#4 What Is This, A Hallway For Ants?

Image source: u/xopastelprincess

#5 A Literal Ant Holding An Actual Ant Sized Spoon!!! (Not Oc, Someone Else’s Tweet But I Had To Share) Hot!

Image source: u/mjperezmurillo

#6 What Is This? A Theatre For Ants?

Image source: u/[deleted]

#7 What Is This? A Bakery For Ants?

Image source: u/Sheazeit420

#8 What Is This? A Dinosaur For Ants?

Image source: u/Dubi0usD0rkl0rd

#9 What Is This? Hamsters For Ants?

Image source: u/redfancydress

#10 What Is This A Pepper For Ants?!?!

Image source: u/MelvinDou

#11 What Is This? A Sandwich Bag For Ants? ?

Image source: u/Pie_thagorus

#12 Oh Goodness, I Over Shopped! Who Else Goes To The Grocery Store And Impulse Buys?! I Knew I Should Have Eaten Breakfast Before Leaving The House!?

Image source: u/MyMiniatureLife

#13 I Keep Seeing Tomatoes On Here. I Present To You, Cucumber For Ants!

Image source: u/ElsaRavenWillie

#14 My Ant Is Constantly Loosing Her Glasses

Image source: u/Thehyperbalist

#15 What Is This? Quarantine For Ants?

Image source: u/jillieboobean

#16 Teeny Tiny Fork

Image source: u/teetawn1992


Image source: JelianMercado

#18 What Is This, A Bunny Rabbit For Ants?

Image source: u/tasos500


Image source: kyanamariee

#20 What Is This? A Frog For Ants?

Image source: u/Atauysal

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