Woman Leaves Her Dog For Her Dad, And Gets The Best Texts

Published 6 years ago

The tests and trials of life can be cruel sometimes, like you need to leave your most precious pet behind while you’re travelling and it breaks your heart. Hopefully, at least you are as lucky as Meghan Specksgoor, whose dad is the best dogsitter ever.

The girl had to leave her dog Chance behind when travelling to New York City, and while she might have been missing her four-legged friend, her dad’s adorable updates about the situation made it way easier for her.

When reunited, Specksgoor shared the cute texts she got from dad while she was away on Twitter, and it soon got over 150k likes. Scroll down to see why it got so popular.

More info: Twitter (h/t)

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Recently, Meghan Specksgoor had to go a trip to NYC but she couldn’t take her dog with her

So she decided to surprise her loving dad with a granddog instead of a grandkid

“My dad is babysitting Chance this weekend, someone please get this man a grandchild”

Chance looked really happy to spend time with his grandpa

They went on plenty of adventures, bonding along the way

Nothing like a good night’s sleep to recharge your batteries!

Now, Meghan and Chance are reunited

And the internet thinks she should get more dogs instead of children


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