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Embarrassed Son Asks Dad To Stop Waving At Him In Front Of School Bus, Regrets It For The Next 170 Days

Published 10 months ago

Teenage years are the time when we’re most ashamed of our parents. It was no surprise when 16-year-old Rain Price of American Fork, Utah asked his mom, Rochelle, to stop his father from waving at the school bus as he’s riding off. Little did he know, the dad, Dale, overheard their conversation and accepted it as a challenge.

From that day, Dale dressed up in a different costume every single day for 170 school days and waved at Rain’s school bus every morning. The 16-year-old was in shock at first: “You don’t want to see your dad dressing up in a wedding dress, waving at you on the bus,” he told the Metro, with his dad responding “I hope this lives with him for the rest of his life.”

During the 170 days, Dale never wore the same costume twice and eventually became known as the  ‘Wave At The Bus Dad’. He says he relied on his friends and neighbors when picking out costumes and that the whole school year of dressing up only cost him about $50. Rochelle eventually created a blog documenting all of Dale’s outfits and soon enough it went viral.

Rain is 19 now and is serving as a church missionary in Liberia, West Africa, and we’re sure he’ll never forget his dad’s dedication. Check out Dale’s costumes in the gallery below!

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Rain Price’s dad Dale waved at him when he boarded the bus on the 1st day of his sophomore year

Embarrassed, Rain asked his mother Rochelle to not let Dad go out there again. Dale overheard that and accepted it as a challenge

#1 Incredible Hulk Or Hunk?

Image source: WaveAtTheBus

#2 White Wedding

Image source: WaveAtTheBus

#3 Dad’s Outdoor Office

Image source: WaveAtTheBus

#4 Ariel

Image source: WaveAtTheBus

#5 Legolas

Image source: WaveAtTheBus

#6 Brave

Image source: WaveAtTheBus

#7 A Kiss From Your Dad

Image source: WaveAtTheBus

#8 Cleaning Up

Image source: WaveAtTheBus

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