25 Things That Can Seem Harmless But Are Dangerous According To Experts

Published 4 months ago

While we often turn to the Internet for guidance, it doesn’t always have all the answers, and the same applies to trends on social media. Whether it’s a new diet, a skincare hack, or an interest in alternative medicine, trends may appear harmless but might not be as safe as they seem.

Fortunately, professionals in various fields are here to share their insider knowledge and set the record straight. We’ve compiled some invaluable tips from nurses, dermatologists, paramedics, surgeons, and even chefs. Ever wondered why defrosting food on the counter is a bad idea? Read on to discover more nuggets of wisdom that these experts wish everyone knew!

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#1 Ever going to a chiropractor again.

Image source: travelingnurse, Karolina Grabowska

Last year, there was a 26-year-old woman in Seattle who died after a chiropractor adjusted her neck. The main danger in chiropractors is when they adjust your neck because your spinal cord is lined with your vertebral arteries. You got one on each side. And any amount of like, quick force in that area could cause those arteries to rip apart. And when those arteries rip apart, the blood that’s in them tries to clot off to like stop the bleed. And when it does that, it creates a huge stroke. And that stroke goes directly to your brainstem, and brainstem strokes will kill you so fast. We can’t even do anything. By the time you get to the hospital, you’re screwed. I personally have taken care of two patients that had this exact scenario happen to them. But I have been in neuro ICU when we had five. Don’t touch me. Don’t touch my neck. Don’t do it. I will never go to a chiropractor again in my life.

#2 I would never use female hygiene products, we just don’t need them.

Image source: drrajarora, Photoholgic

Our womanly parts are self-cleansing. And actually, we can do more harm than good if we’re altering the pH by using these over-the-counter cleansers. In addition, I would not be using any perfumed products, any sprays, I would not do any douching in the area. I would just leave it alone, use simple water, and that will be more than good enough.

#3 Go to a trampoline park.

Image source: zemparamedic

#4 I would never wax my skin when using retinol, retinoids, or Accutane. Retinoids lead to increased sensitivity of the skin, which could leave you with painful, irritated, almost rug-burn or chemical-like burns after waxing.

Image source: dermguru, No Revisions

#5 I would never pop a pimple in the danger triangle. This is the area from the bridge of the nose down to the upper lip, which forms a triangular area. Pop a pimple here, there’s a chance that the bacteria from the skin can enter the bloodstream, which has a direct connection to the skull and the brain through something called a cavernous sinus. It can lead to serious infection as well as blindness or even death.

Image source: dermguru, SpooSpa

#6 Put my feet on the car dash.

Image source: zemparamedic, Ljupche Vasilev

#7 I would never have my neck manipulated by a chiropractor.

Image source: ladyspinedoc, Toa Heftiba

#8 If you’re at someone’s home or staying in a place in which you’re unfamiliar, please familiarize yourself with the surroundings. I have seen so many patients that have opened doors thinking that they’re walking into the bathroom, but opened doors that are going down into the basement. And we all know how that turns out.

Image source: ladyspinedoc, Michal Balog

#9 I would never actually put a laptop on my lap. Prolonged exposure to heat sources like laptops or heating pads can lead to a skin condition called erythema ab igne. It can lead to discoloration that can last for a very long time.

Image source: dermguru, Kaleidico

#10 Walk barefoot on cold cement.

Image source: drvanessasmithhorning, Alicia Zinn

#11 Not wear a seat belt in a car.

Image source: zemparamedic, Kelly

#12 Slide down a slide with a child in my lap. No seriously, stop doing this. Every year around this time when the weather’s nice and people are going to the parks, there is an influx of kiddos rushed to the ER, urgent care, orthopedics office with a particular injury. ‘Toddler’s fracture,’ or a spiral fracture of the tibia, which is the big bone in your lower leg. It can be caused by a twist when walking, but more commonly, it’s caused when their foot gets hung between you and the slide when they’re sliding down in your lap, or in a sibling’s lap. They’ll have pain, swelling in the shin, refusal to take a step, or even like a consistent limp. Typically there’s not any bruising, and it’s really hard to see on X-ray sometimes too. So the feet are out to the side, they will get hung right here and twist backwards.

Image source: the.funny.nurse

#13 I would not rely on Dr. Google.

Image source: drrajarora, Valeri Mak

So if you have been given some resources by your doctor or health professional, of course, go ahead, read them, and they may be online, so you may use a search engine to get ahold of them. However, I wouldn’t blindly type into a search engine for symptoms because this can come up with lots of different variations, lots of different diagnoses, and most of them will be anxiety-inducing and stressful to read. So if you have symptoms, it’s important to go and see your doctor and to get the advice you need from a medical professional.

#14 Propane tanks.

Image source: travelingnurse, Isaac Moore

This one was really solidified this assignment. I have had three, three patients who have had propane tanks explode on them, and it has left them with debilitating burns. And the numbers have got to be wrong, got to be wrong, because I looked it up and the chances of a propane tank exploding on you are literally one in 37 million. But I have had three patients in the last few months that all had propane tanks explode. So yeah, everyone else, everyone else can handle the propane, I will simply not be participating. Simply put, I like having fingers.

#15 Drink around a fire pit.

Image source: zemparamedic, Wren Meinberg

#16 I would not take antibiotics for a viral illness.

Image source: drrajarora, Volodymyr Hryshchenko

They just won’t work. Antibiotics only work on bacteria. They do not work on viruses. Viral illnesses need antivirals, and those will be prescribed by a doctor if deemed necessary. Or, most viral illnesses are self-limiting. If you take antibiotics and they’re not needed, you’re going to cause more harm than good. Lots of side effects can be associated with medicines like antibiotics. And not just that, antibiotics can also deplete your normal healthy gut bacteria that we need for immunity and for wellness. It’s important to ensure that if you don’t need antibiotics, don’t take them unnecessarily.

#17 Motorcycles. Even with a helmet on.

Image source: travelingnurse, Sreenadh TC

I’m telling you right now, you are just asking for it. You could be the safest biker in the world, and I’m telling you right now, you being on a highway, going highway speeds without a closed and circulating object around you is asking to get smashed like a bug.

#18 Defrost food by leaving it on the counter. This is one of the most dangerous ways you can defrost food. It takes so long, and the outside of the food warms up to a dangerous temperature zone for an extended amount of time before the center of the core even defrosts, so the bacteria has a really great chance to grow and thrive. Best way to defrost food is in the fridge overnight. It’s safe and takes up no resources. Second-best way is running under cold water, in a bucket filled with water. Yes, it does require running water, but only really, really small drops of water, just used to replace some of the water in the existing bowl and keep the temperature steady. And it’s super quick, like defrosting a few chicken breasts only takes about 15 minutes. Super fast when you need it in a pinch.

Image source: alihooke

#19 Trim tree limbs on a ladder. When you cut that branch down, it will fall and it may fall on you.

Image source: ladyspinedoc, Chris F

#20 Sit with my neck exposed in front of the AC or let cold air hit me directly.

Image source: drvanessasmithhorning, Airam Dato-on

#21 Never leave a knife in the sink. This is something in restaurants that is widely preached, and for good reason. One of my first, actually no, my first kitchen injury was from someone leaving a knife in a sink. They’re hard to see, especially if water starts covering things or other things get placed on top, and it can really do some serious damage.

Image source: alihooke

#22 As a skin doctor, I would never use a physical exfoliant scrub such as St. Ives or the ones you can buy over the counter at Boots or Superdrug. Most of them are way too abrasive for your skin and can cause micro tears and early skin aging.

Image source: drrajarora

#23 I would never participate in CrossFit.

Image source: ladyspinedoc, Victor Freitas

#24 If I’m driving down the road, and a cute little bunny bounces in front of my car, guess what? I’m going to run over the bunny. Never veer off the road trying to dart around an animal.

Image source: ladyspinedoc, Michael Yantis

#25 I would never go to sleep with my hair wet. Sleeping on wet hair can lead to a moist environment, which can be a breeding ground for things like bacteria and fungus. And when hair is wet, it’s vulnerable since it’s at its weakest state, which can lead to breakage, hair thinning, and damage to the hair follicle.

Image source: dermguru, Chris Slupski


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