20 Times Lithuanians Tried Decorating Old Soviet Apartment Buildings And Got Mixed Results

Published 4 years ago

Back in the days of the Soviet Union, there was an immense need for housing which resulted in numerous bleak-looking apartment buildings being built all over Eastern Bloc countries. Many of those buildings are still used to this day and their creative residents are coming up with ways of livening up the boring old stairwells and yards – often in pretty hilarious ways.

Some Lithuanians have even created a Facebook group titled Laiptinių puošimo grupė (Stairwell decoration group) where they are sharing the most creative decorations they’ve come across or created themselves. From sculptures of Goku to colorful murals of waterfalls, check out the most unique ways people decorated their old soviet buildings in the gallery below!

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Image source: Kristina Šeniauskienė

Vilnius resident Kristina Šeniauskienė has recently made the local news for the impressive garden she created near her apartment building. In an interview with a local TV station, the woman said she works for the compliments and has never received as many as she does not. Kristina spends 5 to 6 six hours every day tending all 60 different plants around the garden.


Image source: Ema Matulionytė


Image source: Laiptinių puošimo grupė


Image source: Laiptinių puošimo grupė


Image source: Goda Stanionytė


Image source: Sandra Kasperūnaitė


Image source: Mantas Zakas


Image source: Lauksvė Krušaitė‎


Image source: Bernardas Maršalka


Image source: Liudvikas Rukšėnas‎


Image source: Giedrius Poska‎


Image source: Darija Zakarauskaite‎


Image source: Ieva Gvazdaitytė


Image source: Roberta Bičiūnaitė


Image source: Teodoras Lukošiūnas

“Please look after my flower until February 7”


Image source: Ieva Nakvišėlė‎


Image source: Elena Krukonytė


Image source: Haidė Muzičiukaitė


Image source: Aušra Lenkšaitė


Image source: Liepa Gaidauskaitė

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