25 Times Women Had To Call Out An Entitled Man For Their Delusional Expectations

Published 2 weeks ago

Being nice to a man can come with certain risks when you’re a woman. The “gentleman” in question may misconstrue your intentions and attempt to ‘further’ the relationship awkwardly or inappropriately under the guise of a nice romance. At times even resisting your dissuasions with oblivious obtuseness much to your chagrin. 

While this sounds like a trope from a historical romance novel gone wrong, sadly, it’s a reality many modern women face. Fortunately with the advancement of technology now we can all have access to the proof, as these delusional incels and nice guys are called out online one shameful screenshot at a time.

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#1 This Guy Who Expected A Relationship With A Woman After He Comforted Her — Also Known As… Just Being A Bare-Minimum Friend

Image source: Sandman1025

#2 Ngvc “Decent Guy, Only Wants One Thing From His Date”

Image source: Rollo49

#3 This Nice Guy Who Expected Immediate Replies To His Texts And Then Told The Woman He Was Texting He Was Just Trying To Teach Her A Lesson

Image source: sknskskdmdmkdd


(edited): Anyone who spams you period, let alone in the middle of the day during normal working hours (when they also should be working), has already shown their true selves. Don’t bother replying & block!

#4 Ngvc: “I’m Not A Sexist But Females Owe Me Sex”

Image source: Middle_Bug_3699

Delta Dawn: I feel like this one needs to be on a watch list

#5 This Guy Who Mistook A Woman Just Being A Normal Human Being As Romantic Interest And Felt Entitled To A Relationship With Her

Image source: jrl_iblogalot

Brenda: You can’t win back what you never had.

#6 Ngvc: “I Make 100k+ A Year, What Do You Bring To The Table?”

Image source: chooseasign

Nathaniel He/Him Cis-Het: Expertly shot down. This was fantastic to read. Marry me.

#7 This Guy Who Expected To Find A Match Because He Said He Doesn’t Care About Looks Or Sex In His Profile… But Then Had This As His Opening Line

Image source: Revvan83

Marianne: “Have the day you deserve.” I will definitely be stealing this.

#8 Ngvc: “I Sexually Harassed A Woman Who Didn’t Have The Ability To Just Walk Away From Me, And She Isn’t Happy About It. And You Women Say You Want Nice Guys”

Image source: 3KidsInTheTrenchCoat

Brenda (edited): Nice guys don’t badger a person after they say no. They understand NO means NO!

#9 That Happened

Image source: stanky_one

Undercover: Things that never happend

#10 Ngvc: “I Hope He Dead, He Maybe Doesn’t Even Love You, I Do”

Image source: Anuyushi

#11 Ngvc: “You Got A Nice Set Of Mommy Milkers”

Image source: Adorable-Novel8295

#12 Poor Brandon

Image source: Upwindreflate70

fu yu: Shannon knows douchenozzle when she sees it.

#13 Ngvc: “Just Trying To Be Nice”

Image source: blaquewidow01

#14 Ngvc “I Am Handsome, Educated And Have Money But Single. What Is The Problem”

Image source: WhydoIexistlmoa

#15 Ngvc: “I’m A Nice Guy Once You Know Me, But No You Judge A Book By It’s Cover”

Image source: cringequeenjen

Rayne OfSalt: “women won’t sleep with me because they’re sl*ts” is a bizarre take.

#16 Why Aren’t Women More Superficial?

Image source: g1rlchild, BowTiedKong

#17 This Guy Who Thought He Deserved Constant Communication With His Dating App Match Simply Because They Matched… A Few Hours Prior

Image source: lemontarts526

#18 This Guy Who Felt Entitled To A Date After Putting Down Other Women

Image source: deelish22

#19 Ngvc: “I’m Also A Little Older And More Mature Than You (No Offense)”

Image source: MisterState

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa): Step one: get a screenshot. Step two: take it to the school counselor. Step three: prepare to get a restraining order issued if it continues. I’ve been stalked before. It’s not fun.

#20 This Guy Who Thought Buying Someone Drinks Meant They Owe You Sex

Image source: Upplay

Sue Denham: If that’s how you expected the evening to end A) you should have gone to a professional and B) $20.00 wouldn’t begin to be enough.

#21 “Toddlers Are Well Built And Curvy”

Image source: throwaway01061124

Brenda: Pervert! You DEFINITELY did the right thing! That’s creepy as he!!, talking about a toddler that way! Or any child!

#22 Ngvc: “It’s A Real Shame Too. I Would’ve Treated You Like A Princess”

Image source: JustMonikaJustDdlc

Shark Lady: I’d be contacting the police as well as his superiors. It was bad enough that he used her personal information to contact her, but that last text was scary and disturbing.

#23 This Guy Who Thought He Deserved A Woman Because Of His Persistence… And Expert Gaslighting Skills

Image source: unhelpfulCritic

#24 This “Nice And Stable” Guy Who Thought He Deserved A Date After Catfishing 200 Women To Try To Prove His Misogynistic Point

Image source: That1weirdperson

Ace: 200 women out of 200 were instantly put off when they found you’d already lied to them before they even clicked on your profile. What a surprise.

#25 This Guy Who Expected A Stranger On The Internet To Want To Date Him Just Because He (Sort Of?) Complimented Her

Image source: ImAFeminist23

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