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Dyed Wedding Dresses Bring Color To That Special Day

Published 7 years ago

White wedding dresses can be traced back to Victorian-era Great Britain where on her wedding day Queen Victoria wore a white lace dress which started a new trend among the elites. It’s been almost two centuries of white dresses in weddings and the creativity you can extract from those is really wearing thin by now. That’s when designers remembered Tie-Dye – a dyeing technique beloved by the hippies around the world.

Not only does it look awesome, these colors also help to mask one major problem with the white dresses. That is the dirty gown, which basically works as a floor wipe on a wedding day. Dye helps to solve that while also making the dress one of a kind. Win win!

If you want to make yours, there are tutorials to help you out, and if you don’t want to risk it yourself, you can just order one.

More info: (boredpandamymodernmet)

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Image source: James Tang Photography



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