“It Just Looks Poisonous”: TikToker Shows 10 Disney Foods That Look Toxic And Unpleasant

Published 1 year ago

Themed foods are usually rather novel and exciting to try out. However, beware when you head to the Disney theme park because some of the preparations on offer are almost villainous. 

Indeed, while one would imagine cotton candy pinks and perfectly beautiful food colours, in fact, the reality is far more interesting. Scroll below to see some of the rather evil-looking concoctions that pass as food at Disney amusement park. Shared by this cheeky TikToker, they recommend you avoid these foods at all costs because turns out they are somewhat pricey too. 

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#1 Glow Dog. H2O Glow Nights

Image source: @herrerashow

A blue hot dog with a blue cheese sauce. She’s getting cancer right there. We were watching it live.

#2 Chips And Guac

Image source: @herrerashow

That guacamole is $14. And it’s this size. And you know what the sad part is, I don’t know if that chip came as a garnish. Or if somebody just broke a chip and stuck it in there.

#3 All Of Glow Nights. Typhoon Lagoon

Image source: @herrerashow

And then this thing looks like a snake. It just looks poisonous. Those colors in nature say “No, please stay away.”

#4 Chocolate Cake Doughnut Holes. Energy Bytes $5.79

Image source: @herrerashow

Oh, those donuts. They look like dog poop. I’m sorry. I know that’s a cheap shot, but they look like dog poop at the park.

#5 Truffle Mac+cheese. Citricos

Image source: @herrerashow

#6 Chocolate Fiesta Pyramid $34

Image source: @herrerashow

This thing is $34 and it looks like it’s basically pudding. My abuelita’s Jello pudding. And then you kind of have to beat the s**t out of it. You can let out your anger for spending that much money at Disneyland that day.

#7 Carne Asada $54

Image source: @herrerashow

This carne asada is $54. It better come with citizenship.

#8 Tacos

Image source: @herrerashow

Actually all the Disney tacos I’ve seen look pretty f*****g terrible. And either the tortillas have not been warmed up. Or they’ve been left out in the car windshield for a couple of days and they’re charging you $30 for these.

#9 Daisy’s Dressed Up Dog. Café Daisy $14.49

Image source: @herrerashow

So first we start off with this f*****g hot dog that got hammered and then covered in chips. Charged her 15 bucks for it.

#10 Spicy Chile-Cheese Churro. Wille’s Churros $6.49

Image source: @herrerashow

Oh God. A spicy chili cheese churro for $7. What could possibly go wrong? This thing looks radioactive. *Cackles in gay* They’re distraught.

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