People Are Sharing Nasty Pics Of Restaurants Where You Probably Wouldn’t Want To Eat (20 Pics)

Published 3 years ago

When eating out, we hardly think about what’s happening in the kitchen. After all, restaurants have to follow some pretty strict sanitary standards when it comes to food preparation and most of the time we have nothing to worry about. However, just because there are rules in place, that doesn’t mean all restaurants stick to them.

People are sharing photos of the nastiest things they’ve spotted in restaurants, and they’ll making you think twice about eating at certain dodgy places. From cutting meat on the sidewalk to buffets that look like a scene from Ratatouille, check out all the times people spotted the shadiest things in restaurants in the gallery below!

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#1 Buffet At Charles De Gaulle Airport. Paris, France

Image source:

#2 I Saw This On A Restaurant Door. After I Ate There

Image source: DesertMAD

#3 Only In America Would A Restaurant Display On The Wall That They Don’t Pay Their Staff Enough To Live On

Image source: M7plusoneequalsm8

#4 A Handful Of Jam Served On A Plate At An Upscale Restaurant

Image source:

#5 Local Chinese Restaurant Gets A New Cutting Board

Image source: PIAOB2013

#6 At This Fast Food Place In Town

Image source:

#7 A Restaurant Known For Their Wings In Ne Philadelphia. Pretty Gross….

Image source:

#8 Wtf….a Bolt Was Found In A Bowl Of Chilli. Fairfax Frisch’s

Image source: jameshollenbergphoto

#9 In The Men’s Room At My Corporate Place Of Employment

Image source:

#10 Found Inside My Taco Bell Meal. I Feel Sick

Image source:

#11 Restaurant Bans Masks, Gloves And Social Distancing Because “Freedom”

Image source: DougJohnsonFX40

#12 An Extra Charge

Image source: monday_mayhem

#13 1 Chicken Over Rice Please

Image source:

#14 Signs Of A Bad Restaurant

Image source: wolverinefan24

#15 What’s Wrong With People

Image source:

#16 How A Restaurant Thaw Their Chicken

Image source:

#17 Millennials Aren’t Killing Restaurants Like Applebee’s And TGI Friday’s. Food Like This Is

Image source: rch09c

#18 Employee Spits In Food For Instagram Likes

Image source:

#19 Local Restaurant Where I’m From. Who Needs Food Safety Right?

Image source:

#20 Subway Employee Picking Her Feet Behind The Counter. How Fresh

Image source:

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