20 Weird Or Dumb Hobbies Only Rich People Can Afford

Published 11 months ago

We all know that hobbies can be a great way to unwind, explore passions, and learn new skills. From painting and gardening to cooking and reading, hobbies come in all shapes and sizes.

However, there are some hobbies that seem rather eccentric and extravagant, reserved only for the privileged elite. This Reddit thread takes a peek into the intriguing world of weird or dumb hobbies that only the affluent can afford. Scroll below to read some of them.

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Image source: ThePizzaNoid, Christopher Burns

“Climbing” Everest.


Image source: tell_no_tale, Andrew Shelley

Golf. Let’s cut this forest down so we can build hundred of km2 of field for the most boring sport in existence


Image source: SnooComics8268, Nour Wageh

I just watched on Netflix rich Arabs cloning camels by the dozen because that first camel was really pretty.


Image source: Gekkedutchy, Yaroslav Muzychenko

Flying to a convention against climate change in your private jet.


Image source: Smegma_Surfer, Christian Wiediger

Collecting the same Rolex in different variations. And never wearing any because it’s in a safe.


Image source: AchillesNtortus, Jordan Cormack

12 metre yacht racing. Like standing fully clothed in a cold shower and tearing up hundred dollar bills. By the million.


Image source: sugarw0000kie, Zlaťáky.cz

Paying to go see the Titanic


Image source: thatsharkchick, Hunter Brumels

Canned hunts.

We can argue the ethics of hunting all day long. On the one hard, you have the cruel barbarism of fox hunting. On the other hand, you had paid permit hunting for big, exotic game (*where the permit only allows for specifically designated culls and profit goes directly to conservation).

But canned hunting? F**k. At least fox hunting and permit hunting require some measure of skill and afford some opportunity for the animal to escape.

Canned hunts are often marketed as “exotic game ranches;” places people go to get a guaranteed kill of a particular species. You know how you get that guaranteed kill? Because the game are fenced in and are often reliant on human care (so they have limited fear of humans compared to their wild roaming counterparts). There’s nothing sporting about it.

Imagine going to a dairy farm and bragging about how you bagged a big cow. That’s what canned hunting sounds like to others.


Image source: Flizatt, Derrick Treadwell

Challenging other wealthy individuals to cage match MMA fights.


Image source: gutsplatter, Aleksandra B.

Rich christian people traveling to impoverished countries and calling it a “mission”


Image source: thenizzle, NASA

Playing at who builds the biggest rocket to ‘colonize other planets’


Image source: Jmac0585, 2H Media

Collecting high-end trading cards. Even worse is buying high-end unopened boxes/cases to open. Drake spent an estimated $200k on unopened cases looking for [one specific card.]


Image source: Dry-Ad-4264, Mark Basarab

I live in Germany.
a guy in my neighboorhood hit the lottery, first thing he did was to fly to Russia and go Bear Hunting.

I cant understand why its someones dream to kill beautiful animals. Almost like the movie Ghost Dog


Image source: Ellenvanity, Pauline Loroy

Breeding and showing dogs, especially the tiny ones with the f****d up noses and tiny heads where their brains don’t even fit anymore


Image source: Additional-Bag-1961, Klara Kulikova

Even though I enjoy the taste, collecting ultra expensive wine and not ever drinking it. Technically it can be an investment, but if they never sell it then its not really an investment IMHO.


Image source: Ok_Research_8379, Dynamic Wang

Recording yourself giving s**t to the poor


Image source: Mysterious-Glass6620, Maria Orlova

Buying solid gold toilets and other items


Image source: Tyraxus, Taylor Sondgeroth

How is horse racing not up in the top? It is also cruel and deadly. Something like 8 horses died for the Derby alone this year.


Image source: Senpailightning, Christian Wiediger

people that collect luxury clothing brands and shoes and than never wear them.


Image source: zerbey, Bradley Pisney

Buying an expensive car and then keeping it in your garage without ever actually driving it.

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