This Online Thread Debunks 20 Myths That People Still Believe

Published 1 year ago

Believe it or not, flat earthers still exist! And so do their ridiculous theories and arguments. There are many other myths and misconceptions that are scientifically proven wrong but people still continue to believe in them.

When a Redditor asked people “What’s the dumbest myth people today believe?”, he received many replies from other users. Scroll below to read some of those answers, and let us know in the comments how many of these things people still believe around you.

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Image source: bitew41489, biletskiy

“Life is fair, and bad things only happen to people who deserve it.”


Image source: bitew41489, Tony Biondo

“Lie detectors” as a literal thing.

There’s a reason they aren’t admissible as evidence in court in most places.”


Image source: Jacket-Okay, PhotoMIX Company

“Corporations care or even exist for any reason other than to make money.”


Image source: holesix705, Erica Fischer

“At some point, a viral video allegedly proved that the “beg buttons” at crosswalks are just placebos.

Some of them are, but most of them really do add a cycle for pedestrians to get a walk signal. You should use them regardless.”


Image source: PigHaggerty, Rawpixel

“There are dumber ones out there, but the one I, as an estate lawyer, deal with constantly is the idea that there needs to be a “reading” of the will, where the family all gather and the lawyer reads it aloud to them for the first time. We don’t do that, we just mail everyone their own copy if they want it.

It’s a really stubbornly persistent one because people continue to see scenes of it in movies and TV shows, where it’s used for some big dramatic reveal. I’ve even had irate beneficiaries insist that the administration of the estate can’t be “official” until there’s a reading.

Way, *way* back, like 150 years ago or so, I believe we used to do something like that at times because you couldn’t exactly presume literacy on the part of the beneficiaries, but now we feel it’s a pretty safe bet that you can either read it or find someone who can.”


Image source: Ok-Relief-723, elmedoks

“Detox drinks.”


Image source: loxisi5751, Gustavo Fring

“Vaccines cause autism…..”


Image source: A-Chntrd, Series: Reagan White House Photographs

“Trickle down economics.”


Image source: Oppie8645, Julian Jagtenberg

“The whole “Alpha/Beta male” thing.”


Image source: ComesInAnOldBox, Grigory_bruev

“That there are dozens of hot singles in my area just dying to meet me.”


Image source: DorothyGMilne, Rido81

“When I had cancer a few years back and was doing chemotherapy I had people who constantly questioned that I actually “had cancer” due to the fact that my hair didn’t fall out until I was actually in remission (Had been off chemo for about 2-3 weeks when my hair started gradually thinning and falling out).

It’s a complete myth that every single person’s hair will have the same reaction to chemo. Some people lose hair right away, some don’t. Everybody is different.”


Image source: bitew41489, kryzhov

“I still believe that if any of my limbs hang off the bed while sleeping that a monster will grab them. I also believe that the moment I remember this and pull them back on the bed is just in the nick of time before a monster grabs them.

You can’t prove there isn’t a monster under my bed.”


Image source: merofo8329, wiriyathitiporn

“Fish only have a 5 second memory. My fish are fed automatically on a timer and they know dinner time better than my goddamn cat.”


Image source: TheDarkSide2187, u/captain_ohagen

“Tear here to open.”


Image source: MatthewWakeman, seventyfourimages

“That humans only use 10% of their brain. This is false, regardless of how those who proclaim this myth seemingly demonstrate that it is in fact true.”


Image source: Linux4ever_Leo, gpointstudio

“That there are magic pills that make you lose weight and gain muscle without ever going to a gym. Or that there are snake oils that will take years off of your face and make you look young. There’s a sucker born every minute.”


Image source: poxayif250, ivankmit

““Lightning never strikes the same place twice.”

Yes it does, that’s the entire reason for lightning rods on buildings.”


Image source: messeboy, zakipurnomo21

“That you eat spiders in your sleep.

Spider will not knowingly walk into a preditors mouth.

They can sense both the heartbeat, heat and noise from humans. All things that would alert them not to go into our mouth.”


Image source: QuandiliusDinglebop, AtlasComposer

“I remember the myth that gum takes 7 YEARS to fully pass through your digestive system.”


Image source: Full_Sector_1606, Marcus Quigmire

“It is believed in Indian culture that keeping your unibrow means “good luck” I kept my unibrow for 20 years thinking it is my “good luck” until I got stage 5th of kidney failure and I did my eyebrows after that because who gives a f**k about luck anymore. Now my eyebrows look cute af.”

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