25 Of The Dumbest Statements People Have Overheard

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Most of us have tried to bluff our way through a conversation. But if someone calls us out, the chances are high that we will admit we were wrong or that we are lacking in knowledge, we’ll share a laugh at our expense and try to update ourselves on the facts. However, sometimes you come across people who are ignorant and unable to accept their position of limited knowledge. So when Redditor, AlgorithmOmega asked people on the platform to recall the dumbest things they have ever heard from someone, many folks responded and we’ve shared a few of the most popular answers in the gallery below. But as Mark Twain advised, one thought rings true when dealing with such folk, ‘Never argue with stupid people’. 

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#1 “Women are responsible for men’s loneliness epidemic.”

My dudes: Go get yourself a friend, a hobby, a dog. Your relationships, entertainment, and play dates are not our responsibility.

Image source: lifeuncommon, Vera Arsic / pexels

#2 “Healthy women don’t get periods.”

Image source: SadlyNotDannyDeVito, Sora Shimazaki / pexels

#3 “If we’re going south, how are we going uphill?”

Image source: AnimatedHokie, Nans 82 / pexels

#4 “The way you’re raised has nothing to do with the way you turn out” – my mom to me when I called her out on her behaviour

Image source: JoeyJoJoShabadooYEAH, LightFieldStudios / envatoelements

#5 Heard from a guy I was working with over the weekend. He was on the phone with his mom. “Im not even going to vote. I just hate politics nowadays. Now if I say i hate black people, they say I’m a racist. What’s so racist about that?!”

Image source: Feanlean, cottonbro studio / pexels

#6 My personal favourite was the anti-vaxxer who told me all about how dangerous vaccines are. How many weird and toxic chemicals are in them, and what those chemicals would do to my body. Then she lit up a cigarette…

Image source: Buboribetra, Lindsay Fox / flickr

#7 “The vaccine can’t survive 24h outside the fridge, and our body is not a fridge, so the vaccine can’t last more than 24h in our body.” It took me 10second to even comprehend and recover from the stupidity of the statement.

Image source: Keysrin, Thirdman / pexels

#8 “The center of the Galaxy and the earth are aligned! We so are in the end times!” To which I responded, “two points are always aligned, it’s called a line!” He was super religious by the way…

Image source: TheEPGFiles, Pixabay / pexels

#9 “If China’s been around for so long, how come they never invented anything?” If it were a genuine, ignorant question, that’d be one thing, but it was rhetorically asked as if to say China’s never accomplished anything. Baffling.

Image source: sodapaladin, Nothing Ahead / pexels

#10 On a conservative forum, some person was lamenting cost of his medical procedure AFTER insurance paid their part. “I can’t image how much it would cost if it were free!”

Image source: SnooMemesjellies7469, Anna Shvets / pexels

#11 Have a misogynistic coworker who claimed the male lions do all the hunting, because he couldn’t stand the idea of a female anything being better.

Image source: anon, Charl Durand / pexels

#12 The earth is flat and only 6000 years old.

Image source: Persephone2009, Christian Reinke / pexels

#13 Had a friend insist Hawaii is a seperate country, not a US state. (We’re both Americans) I’m still very embarrassed that we both attended the same high school.

Image source: Scribe625, Jess Loiterton / pexels

#14 In the middle of a “Bill Gates created Covid to microchip us” (which itself is pretty up there) rant: “He tested it in Africa. There were no diseases in Africa until Bill Gates went there and started spreading them”

Image source: Nervous_Chipmunk7002

#15 That’s why you have autism! Response to “Well I’m getting the vax being I don’t want to die” My response to that was “I thought you get Autism **after** the vaccine?”

Image source: H010CR0N, Gustavo Fring / pexels

#16 The US has “never been a racist country” is up there. Leaving out the fact that the civil war was fought over slavery is pretty stupid too.

Image source: germane_switch, Jakayla Toney / pexels

#17 “You shouldn’t speak Spanish if you’re not Mexican” – a customer who got mad at me for helping another customer in Spanish

Image source: ZijoeLocs, Leeloo The First / pexels

#18 “If you don’t have children, God will punish you”.

Image source: Remote-Direction963, Pixabay / pexels

#19 Coworker: “If vegans care about animals so much, and they eat all the vegetables, then all the animals who eat vegetables will go hungry”

Image source: CakeLikeLadyGaga, Wendy Wei / pexels

He genuinely thought it was some gotcha about vegans and I had to jump out of the argument for a minute to be like “wait is that actually something you think could happen?” Apparently we’re competing with rabbits in a zero sum game of who can eat the most carrots.

#20 I write software, had a boss with little technical knowledge for a bit.

Image source: supercyberlurker, Christina Morillo / pexels

He asked me to ‘make the software do X or Y depending on what the user wanted when they clicked the button’. I asked what he meant, he got upset, told me it was simple. If the user wants X to happen when they click the button, do that! If they want Y to happen when they click the button, do that! At first I thought maybe he meant there was some other way to figure that out from context.. but no, ultimately he meant ‘read the users mind and intent when they click the button’.

#21 Windmills cause cancer. Global warming isn’t real because it’s cold outside.

Image source: AlgorithmOmega, Kervin Edward Lara / pexels

#22 “American Healthcare has some issues, but it’s still the best in the world” some ignorant redneck to me, a literal nurse working in an American ICU while he accumulates tens of thousands of dollars in medical debt

Image source: JHKtheSeeker, Cedric Fauntleroy / pexels

#23 “pseudoscience is still science”

Image source: ewing666, Polina Zimmerman / pexels

#24 I was talking about how terrible the homeless situation in America is and my step mother said “well It’s mostly brown people and that’s what they get for coming here illegally”. All I could do was lol and say you need to quit watching Faux news 24/7. The struggle is real people.

Image source: Inner-Management-110

#25 “I don’t get why they keep changing the all the sciencey facts in schools.” – Some lady at a truck stop in Louisiana.

Image source: Past-File3933, Tima Miroshnichenko / pexels

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Shanilou has always loved reading and learning about the world we live in. While she enjoys fictional books and stories just as much, since childhood she was especially fascinated by encyclopaedias and strangely enough, self-help books. As a kid, she spent most of her time consuming as much knowledge as she could get her hands on and could always be found at the library. Now, she still enjoys finding out about all the amazing things that surround us in our day-to-day lives and is blessed to be able to write about them to share with the whole world as a profession.

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