20 Overconfident People Who Said The Most Stupid Things, As Pointed Out By This Online Thread

Published 3 years ago

We all talk weird and nonsensical stuff sometimes, but some people are way too confident about the stupid things they utter. Some even go ahead and preach their so-called “knowledge” to the world.

A Redditor, GuyWithAScuffedLife asked people, “What is the dumbest thing someone has said with full confidence?“, and people started delivering hilarious answers. From flat earthers to people who sincerely believe that teenagers are too young to truly have anxiety, depression, or PTSD, you’ll find all sorts of weird answers in this thread. Scroll below to have a look at some of the bizarre things stated by overconfident people.

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Image source: TopScruffy

“If evolution is true then how did a human man evolve perfectly to match a human woman.”


Image source: NeedsMoreTuba

“This bacon is so raw, I can still hear it mooing!”


Image source: IrradiatedBeagle

“It’s FAA law that there can only be one Christian pilot per plane. That way when the rapture comes, the other guy can land the sinners left on the plane safely.”


Image source: Elle-mic

“In my sex ed class in highschool, we had an assignment where we had to name all the parts of the male genitalia and this one girl said (with a nasty attitude, might I add) ‘men don’t have bladders!'”


Image source: Ferretastic359

“If evolution was real, why are there still monkeys?”


Image source: Emile_the_rat

“Being diabetic is something you can DO at home, and an addiction that is not suitable to DO when in public.”


Image source: Siryl7001

“Informed people don’t make better decisions than uninformed people. That’s a myth.”


Image source: just_browsing21

“I was told by a teacher that lots of people have diabetes and I need to get over it, it’s not that big of a deal.”


Image source: TurtleTree30

“Rabbits lay eggs.”


Image source: LeftChoux

“If you wash your hands in the hot water you don’t need soap. Hot water will kill all germs.”


Image source: Hypersapien

“A coworker of mine once told me that any animal could reproduce with any other animal, that DNA wasn’t important and that all sperm was the same. She believed this because she once saw a litter of diseased, deformed puppies and had decided that they must be half rat.”


Image source: lemons_of_doubt

“The earth is flat!”


Image source: Salt-Career-8668

“I was in a high school history class and we were talking about Freud. Our teacher asked if any of us knew what penis envy was. One student who was straight-faced and way too confident answered “it’s when one man is jealous of another man’s penis size”. Comedy gold.”


Image source: siren_nymph

“I don’t eat cows, I eat beef.”


Image source: deleted

“Teenagers are too young to truly have anxiety, depression, or PTSD.”


Image source: ocrohnahan

“A woman yelled at me for parking a car with a handicap tag in a non-handicap spot. She believed that I had to park only in handicap spots.”


Image source: renklo

“My roommate once told me we were in South America. We live in Canada.”


Image source: rmadiumbeadist

“Pigeons are fat because they are pregnant.”


Image source: MrCopperYT

“Cuba is in Asia.”


Image source: Electrical_Ostrich_4

“Not sure if this counts, but one time my little brother walked up to me and awkwardly asked “is the cat dead” as he held our cat, who was purring…”

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