30 Cool And Informative Photos, As Shared On This Geography-Loving Online Group

Published 2 years ago

Our Earth accommodates so many wonderful and magical things. From the high lush green mountains to vast stretches of sand, the Earth shows us lots of amazing things out there.

If you are interested in knowing more about Earth or if you are a geography lover, then you’ve come to the right place because today we are introducing the subreddit r/geography. Check out some of their most interesting and informative posts in the gallery below.

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#1 For All Those Namibia-Zimbabwe Border Posts, I Humbly Raise You This Unexpected Afghanistan-China Border Touch

Image source: reddit.com

#2 Topography Of The Indian Subcontinent

Image source: KingLeopldII

#3 Canada Still Has 91% Of The Forest Cover That Existed At The Beginning Of The European Settlement

Image source: WdrFgt

#4 This Person Really Took The Time To Travel To The Right Spot

Image source: kajola1969

#5 Just Right!

Image source: smell1s

#6 Nice F*cking Meme Bro

Image source: Zaxyon7

#7 The Oldest Current National Flag

Image source: SurtexX1

#8 Uluru (Ayers Rock) From A Birds-Eye View

Image source: rufctr3

#9 How Come We Aren’t Taught About The Mongol Empire That Much In School

Image source: ErasableGhost

#10 Each Section Contains 10% Of The World’s Population!

Image source: mukinabaht_t

#11 A Modern Photo Compared With A Photo Taken Over A Century Earlier In The Same Place

Image source: birdyroger

#12 Mt. Fuji From The Iss

Image source: ZannaSmanna

#13 This Map Shows All Of The Earthquakes With A Magnitude Greater Than 5.0 Over The Last 20 Years

Image source: symmy546

#14 Since Some People Didn’t Know What Landlocked Countries Were, I Decided To Make A Map

Image source: Pythagoras-007

#15 Cross Sea Is A Very Beautiful And Rare Phenomenon That Happens When There Are 2 Wave Systems In The Sea Moving At Oblique Angles. It Might Be Beautiful From Above, But If You Get Caught In These Waves, Your Vessel Can Easily Turn Upside Down Or Lose Its Way

Image source: JesseBBrown

#16 Fun Fact I Found On A Snapple Cap

Image source: Nfl-nbA

#17 You Can Sail In A Straight Line From Chile To Spain Without Ever Crossing Land

Image source: GreenKeel

#18 Canadian-Us Border In Northern Idaho. They Cut Down All The Trees Along The Border To Mark It

Image source: reddit.com

#19 Stanislav Canyon, Kherson, Ukraine

Image source: Roller-bon45

#20 Topography Of South America

Image source: Traditional_Cat_524

#21 Pangea With Borders

Image source: Gajakunne

#22 Iceland In The Winter

Image source: rufctr3

#23 I Feel As If Someone Just Got Bored Of Naming Things Here

Image source: TastyMiscarriageSmeg

#24 [Close-Up View] Of Antarctica From Space

Image source: reinascythe7

#25 A Map Of The World Centred Around New Zealand

Image source: hashtheninja

#26 Beautiful Aerial View Of Venice, Italy

Image source: ZannaSmanna

#27 Flew Over Horseshoe Bend In Arizona A Couple Weeks Ago, Thought Everyone Here Might Appreciate This!

Image source: jaygeebee_

#28 When, As An American, You Think How Strange It Is For Russia To Have This Little, Unconnected Piece Of Land Surrounded By Another Country… Then Remember Alaska

Image source: Live_Dirt_6568

#29 Chile Is Gigalong!

Image source: Icy_Resolution_454

#30 Lake Chad In 1967 vs. Lake Chad Now

Image source: yobbleyibble

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