20 Parents Whose ‘Elf On The Shelf’ Scheme Went Hilariously Wrong

Published 1 year ago

The Christmas elf is sent by Santa to observe the kids so that they can report to Santa if the kid is nice or naughty. Although this tradition is exciting for the children, the parents also find creative ways to execute the story properly, and it sometimes ends up in hilarious situations too.

The ‘Elfing Around’ Facebook group is an online group where people share their “elf on the shelf planning, inspiration, and sharing your fun ideas.” Scroll below to see some of the most interesting ‘Elf on the shelf’ ideas people tried this Christmas.

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#1 Found In The Wild

Image source: Sarah Myers

#2 Ran Out Of Wrapping Paper & Decided The Elf Had To Leave With A Bang

Image source: Denielle Lovely Mckoy

#3 Peek A Boo

Image source: Rebecca Wiseman

#4 I Need To Post My Other Ones, But This Is Today’s

Image source: Elisa Swift

#5 Not Sure If This Has Been Posted Yet

Image source: Rivera Natalia

#6 Not My Work. Seen In A Craft Group But Thought It Was A Great Idea!

Image source: Gonzales Pera

#7 Martha And Snoop Dogg

Image source: Bradley Helton

#8 I Used A Wrapping Paper Roll And A Glue Gun

Image source: Racine Renee

#9 One Of Our Favorites So Far

Image source: Amanda Marie

#10 Kisses From Heaven. My Daughter Said This Was Her Favorite Thing Her Elf Has Ever Done!

Image source: Chelsea Mayhew

#11 Our Elves Tonight Ironing Out The Wrinkles

Image source: Rachel Longley Oldham

#12 Left My Husband In Charge! He Did Good He Gets A Point!

Image source: Leyda Torres

#13 Elf On The Shelf About To Make A Big Mistake

Image source: Alex Marquez

#14 Naughty Elf

Image source: Brittany Gustafson

#15 Tonight’s Was Probably My Favorite

Image source: Haley Marie Turmell

#16 Chippy Made Brown-E’s For The Boys Tonight!

Image source: Kenzie Dykxhoorn

#17 Pivot

Image source: Katelyn Wilkerson

#18 Times Are Tough, A Quarter Is A Quarter

Image source: Pablo Djchino Rodriguez

#19 Grinch Is At It Again With What He Calls Holiday Spirit

Image source: Damon James Gyurics

#20 I Added Some Guest Stars This Year

Image source: Staci Parker Jordan

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