20 Brutally Honest Answers Elmo Got When He Tweeted “How’s Everybody Doing?”

Published 6 months ago

Every time we check the news, there seems to be something chaotic happening around us. Indeed, on some days the world can seem bleak, dark and doomed. Perhaps that’s why when Elmo, one of our fave characters as kids, got on social media innocuously asking people ‘how they were doing?’, a barrage of truth bombs slipped out of folks as they got painfully real about all the emotional damage they’ve been dealing with. 

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Shanilou Perera

Shanilou has always loved reading and learning about the world we live in. While she enjoys fictional books and stories just as much, since childhood she was especially fascinated by encyclopaedias and strangely enough, self-help books. As a kid, she spent most of her time consuming as much knowledge as she could get her hands on and could always be found at the library. Now, she still enjoys finding out about all the amazing things that surround us in our day-to-day lives and is blessed to be able to write about them to share with the whole world as a profession.

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