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50+ Of The Most Hilarious Childhood Photos People Probably Wish Were Never Taken

Published 2 years ago

#141 1986 In Texas, Complete With Pinch- Rolled Jeans And Hi-Top Reeboks

Image source: mcknazzy

#142 I Was Pretty Much The Typical Neckbeard In Middle School. Fedora, Bad Fashion Sense, Unironic Use Of “M’lady”, The “Inquisitive Mind” Pose, And Glasses With Flaming Skulls On The Frames. Yeesh

Image source: TwinMonkeys

#143 2011. I Have So Many Of These… All On My Facebook

Image source: EICzerofour

#144 Thought It Would Look Good To Have Cornrows But It Got Too Painful About Halfway Through

Image source: jesser722

#145 I Had To Dress Up To Do A Speech

Image source: ZnKayy

#146 The Time I Went To Egypt With A Cleopatra Style Haircut

Image source: hkfortyrevan

#147 I Often Referred To Myself As Dunderman As A Child. Here’s One Of My Outfits Posing As Such

Image source: luke5986

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