20 Embarrassing High School Memories Unveiled By Folks In This Online Community

Published 8 months ago

High school is a time of growth, learning, and self-discovery, but it’s also a phase of life that’s often riddled with awkward moments and embarrassing experiences.

Recently, the Bored Panda community provided a platform for individuals to share their most embarrassing high school moments, reminding us all that we’re not alone in our mortifying recollections. From wardrobe malfunctions to unfortunate mishaps, these stories are a testament to the fact that high school memories, no matter how embarrassing, are an integral part of our journey to adulthood.

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So when I was in 3rd grade, I was really sensitive and cried very easily when I got pis***. One day, my crush at the time was mean to me (aka being annoying which was “mean” at the time) and I started crying. When I cried, I CRIED. I could literally barely breathe (not joking). So the teacher asked me what was wrong, I told her and she made my crush apologize to me but I COULDN’T STOP CRYING. I couldn’t even speak because I would just inhale and exhale really quickly and it couldn’t be stopped. That was so embarrassing because my crush had almost liked me at some point. :(


When I was in 5th grade, I went to the bathroom and didn’t lock the door. My classmate came and opened the door. I shouted,”close it!” She locked the door and I stayed there for two hours. Our school peon heard me screaming and let me out. I didn’t attend classes for three days.


When I asked multiple people if I could sit with them at lunch and everyone said no so I had to eat in the bathroom


I had a crush on this girl when I was idk 11 or 12yo. So I gathered all my courage, walked over the entire class to the other side of the room where she was, and asked “I like you a lot. Will you be my girlfriend?”. Then she just slapped my face in front of everyone and said nothing. The worst part was slowly walking towards my spot in the class with everyone looking and laughing…


I felt really weird during a school assembly, and when the room went quiet I burst out laughing (I don’t know why!) and was unable to stop. Multiple times the teachers called me out in front of the whole school, but I was laughing too much to answer. Eventually one of them dragged me outside, and started telling me off, but I just laughed harder. I guess I ran out of air because next thing I know, I’m on the floor with a bunch of teachers staring over me!


In my sophomore year, I had an obsession with stuffed animals. And there was this one boy, who thought it wasn’t very masculine of me, so he decided to pick on me. I was okay with this since he just teased me and called me girly. But one day I thought it would show him if I went to school in a dress with pigtails. He was absent. The principal called me into the office because he thought I might have had a mental disability. ?


There was a blood drive at my high school, I had just turned 18 three days previous, so I qualified to donate. I donated my pint, and then stupid, vain me said no to the cookies and juice they offer after and went on to class. I was in class for about 10 minutes, and I fainted. I woke up on the floor, my desk and books on top of me, and the whole class standing over me staring while the teacher yelled, “DON’T MOVE! I’M CALLING THE NURSE!!!!”

Eat the cookie, people.


Easily answered… at a ball in the Student Association, I was dancing a slow,romantic dance with my crush at the time… he tightened his grip around my waist… and I let go of a noisy fart!! I just wanted to die on the spot.


I have ADD and in HS my grades were irregular. If I was interested in the subject, great, if I wasn’t, then not so much. Once I aced a test on a great subject. Teacher asked me if I cheated. I was so shocked I started to cry. Teacher was “Sorry! I’m so sorry”! I think he was as embarrassed as I was.


I almost made it out of high school without major incidents, but then in the last year, on the day we were going on our final afternoon classtrip, I peed myself during class because I was too shy to ask to go to the bathroom. Not knowing what to do, I just sat there hoping no one noticed until the girl next to me yelled at the teacher that something smelled funny. Got sent home, couldn’t go on the class trip and to make things worse 15 y/o me thought I could save face the next day by telling everyone I’d had a “bladder infection”. It’s even more embarrassing 20-odd years later to be the only one on this list so far who peed herself, my parents assured me at the time this kind of thing happened to everyone at least once during high school. :p


More hilarious than embarrassing. I was yukking with a friend of mine in P.E. class, showing how far I could jump backward. I jumped back a little too far and dropped to the floor like a rock directly on my stomach. Probably scared my friend half to death with the noise of a dying mouse. Had to get a teacher to take me aside to catch my breath.


High fever watching football game, stumbled into girls’ bathroom. Lucky I moved away shortly after


First day of Grade 9… all the freshmen were to meet in the gym, and the upperclassmen were all in the balcony watching. I walked in alone, but saw my best friend across the gym, so hurried to meet up with her. Tripped over my penny-loafers and fell flat on my face… best friend turned away like she didn’t even know me.


1st day of senior year in high school, friends and I got there early to catch up. Sitting on the floor chatting when we hear “eeww that’s nasty ” from a group of new freshmen behind us. We pay no mind to them because, stupid kids,doing childish things didn’t deserve our attention. About 20 seconds later one of them taps me on the shoulder to let me know my underwear (not a thong) was hanging out. ? always check that they’re tucked in now. Killed me that my cute outfit for the day was clearly not good then.


An English teacher I didn’t really get along with pulled up next to me while I was walking home after school and honked her horn. I thought she was extending an olive branch and offering a ride home. I smiled and graciously declined as I was meeting friends. Turned out she was honking for her friend that that lived in the house I was walking in front of. She acted like I was an idiot for the rest of the semester. ?


This didn’t happen too long ago, like right before the pandemic hit. I had a really evil teacher. She was pretty racist/homophobic, often “lost” my papers, and tried to get me suspended twice.
Anyways, this one time my period came a few days early (and heavy) so I asked her I could go to the bathroom. This was like ten minutes before class ended but she still said no. I discreetly told her what was going on and she pretty much told the whole class I was on my “womanly times”. So I bled through my pants and on my chair. And then when class ended, she held back the whole class and had me leave first because I “wanted to go so badly”. So my entire class saw the mess.
I was f*cking mortified. And nobody could do anything because she was retiring soon.
Oh, and the icing on the cake was that I was dating her daughter at the time. So yeah, that didn’t work out.


Not high school but middle school. One day in my seventh grade history class I was on my period and bled through my pants (ah, joys of womanhood). I took off my flannel shirt to tie around my waist and was wearing just a camisole. My history teacher came over and dress-coded me for having “spaghetti straps.” I was forced to take off my flannel and put it back on. Thankfully we were just sitting at our desks and I managed to tie it back around my waist and slip out of the classroom at the end of the period, but damn! That was pretty embarrassing.


Maybe not embarrassing, but this happened on Monday. At 4 AM we got a call that my uncle died. I didn´t know what to do and went to school. During lunch break I just sat there, trying to call my mum. Deputy headmaster walked past, called me a satanist for being sad and gloomy, and I told him to F himself (In Slovak, repeatedly). This was in front of other staff and students, albeit not many. And even after he cussed back at me, I threw back worse, because I did not give a f**k. My only uncle died hours ago and I had 0 shits to give. In the end, I got into no trouble at all. 16 years later I found that the man vanished after he was found to be a pedo.


Earlier this year I fell and faceplanted in front of all my friends and everyone right outside the library. Also I once got knocked into a trophy case because I was accidentally shoved and it made such a loud noise that everyone turned to look at me and I wanted to die.?


Having a crush on a high school senior as a freshman. Being “young” and undoubtedly naive, I asked them out… and I was not prepared for the social hell I went through for the next two weeks.

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