20 Bridezillas And Entitled Grooms Who Had Impossibly High Expectations

Published 1 month ago

Weddings today don’t necessarily follow traditional form and can take place in many different ways. From a simple courthouse ceremony in casual attire to a lavish destination affair with a hundred guests, couples have the freedom to choose the celebration that suits them best. However, what they shouldn’t do is mistreat their loved ones in pursuit of the “perfect” wedding. 

Below are screenshots of messages, posts, and more where engaged individuals were called out for their selfish behaviour online. So scroll down to take a look at these pics that might seem too absurd to believe.

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#1 Vegan Bride Bans All Omnivore Guests From Wedding

Image source: Historical-Composer2

#2 Greedy A** Rude Bride. I’d Be Cancelling That Cheque Too

Image source: Comfortable-Iron6482

#3 I Wish I Had The Nerve To Do This!!

Image source: frog_boogie

#4 Bride To Be Is Furious That Bridesmaid Is Planning On Undergoing Surgery 3 Months Before The Wedding

Image source: OnlineHypocrite

#5 Bridezilla Ruins Her Own Wedding. Demands Bridal Party Pay Her Cancelled Wedding

Image source: LucyAriaRose

#6 The Couple This Vendor Complained About Just Straight-Up Had An Unauthorized Reception At A Local Business Without Even Thinking About The Workers Or The Other Patrons

Image source: the_greek_italian

#7 This Influencer Wanted A Local Band For Free

Image source: theupallnighters

#8 Bride N Groom Requests No Perfume On The Women And The Men Are Free Labour, On Top Of Paying $360 A Head

Image source: stinkles555

#9 Bride Wants To Know If It’s Alright To Take Away Their Mother’s Individuality

Image source: MeessuNeesuTesu

#10 Bride Cancels Her Wedding Because Her Guests Didn’t “Donate” A $1,500 Each To Fund The Event

Image source: shigles

#11 Bro Needs To Find A New Bride

Image source: lurgerflorse

#12 I Thought This Was A Troll Post But There Were Actual Real People In The Comments Agreeing With The Bride!

Image source: booksandpitties

#13 Bride Cancels Professional Photographer For Cheap Photos, Regrets It And Demands Free Photos From Professional

Image source: CarneyVorous

#14 Bride Thinks She Can Charge The Photographer

Image source: waddleswiggy

#15 Bride Made A Profit On Bachelorette Trip!! (Sil Drama)

Image source: Direct-Caterpillar77

#16 I Mean… Sounds Kinda Like A Racist/Colorist Bride Here. Thoughts?

Image source: Confusedsahm

#17 Bride Wants Bridesmaid To Cut Her Hair

Image source: dirrtylurker

#18 Bridezilla Demands Gift From Strangers Staying In Same Hotel Because It’s….. My Dayyyy!

Image source: Moonbat-lives

#19 Bride Insecure Of Fiance’s “Womanly” Teenage Daughter… Yikes

Image source: fangsandgames

#20 Bride Doesn’t Want Fh Children Photographed

Image source: Dapper-Letterhead630

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