20 Expensive Things That Paid Off In The Long Run, As Shared By People In This Online Thread

Published 1 year ago

Sometimes, it’s difficult to make a decision when you are about to buy an expensive thing without knowing whether it will really be useful or not. But certain things turn out to be so functional and helpful that they might pay off in the long run, and you’ll never regret buying that sort of stuff.

A Reddit user asked on r/AskReddit, “What’s your “it’s expensive but it’s worth it” product?”, and people gave some interesting answers that are quite illuminating. I’m not saying that if it worked for them, it will work for you too, but have a look at this list below and you’ll know that most of them are actually worth investing your money in.

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Image source: anon, Vitalina

Socks and underwear. If your feet and balls are uncomfortable, there is no way anything else can get done.

Good shoes/boots are a definite number 2 on this list as well.


Image source: Pluckt007, José Pinto

Car suspension parts, brakes, wheels and tires.


Image source: slasherflick2243, Janko Ferlic

Pans… Cast iron, ceramic and stainless (preferably with removable handles), and one very large wok… plain a*s metal, not non-stick. Once your pans are properly seasoned and if you are using proper amounts of cooking fats and proper heat, you don’t need non-stick teflon junk that flakes off in your food over time.


Image source: archetech, Andrew M

Quality Headphones


Image source: HammerHeadKitty, Daniel Korpai

A nice pc with a great monitor. You can spend more hours on that thing than anything else in your house.


Image source: frozensand, Anete Lusina

Quality tools.

As Adam Savage once quoted: “first buy the cheapest tool you can find, and when you break it it means you used it a lot buy the best one you can afford”


Image source: sketchio, Max Vakhtbovych

Mattress is amazing. You’re spending 30% of your life on it can’t cheap out.


Image source: kihary, Danilo Rios

Kitchen knives. Get a nice chef knife, keep it sharp and your cooking will be a thousand times more pleasant. Plus the quality knives last a lifetime.


Image source: anon, Phil Hearing

LEGO over all the knock off brands. Sure it’s more expensive, but at least you can be sure that every brick will stick together, and will continue to do so for another 25+ years.


Image source: bperron, Onur Binay

Roomba. Imagine literally never vacuuming again. I haven’t in two years. I’d pay the $400 again if it broke tomorrow.


Image source: anon, Clay Banks

3 ply toilet paper and brand name garbage bags.


Image source: AliceRat, Lucas Lenzi

A tattoo. You pay for quality.


Image source: Barack-YoMama, Michael Soledad

Better computer chair.


Image source: MrDoEverything, Mike B


Literally where the rubber meets the road. If you think good tires are too expensive then stop kidding yourself, you and your loved ones are worth more than that.


Image source: RoseHumbarger, Karolina Grabowska

A good bra.


Image source: Yaybabyanimals, SCREEN POST

Extra-length phone charger. No more hunching over the side of your bed toward the outlet to send those last couple of texts because the cord is too short.


Image source: surrounded_by_ghosts, MART PRODUCTION

Dog food.

Feed your pets well! Makes a huge difference.


Image source: the_noise_we_made, Alexey Demidov

Work Shoes. I’m a chef and on my feet all day. I buy a new 150-200 dollar pair of clogs every year. I bought cheap shoes when I was green and could barely walk at the end of my shift.


Image source: questionswehadwrong, Max Vakhtbovych

Anything I buy for my siblings. My parents kinda… just let them loose and don’t buy them much in the way of new clothes or shoes, or help them with the layout of their rooms. One room has four teenagers in it, and it got bedbugs. So after the bedbugs were removed (took months) I spent $300 and built them a quadruple bunk bed that kept them off the ground in the case of more bugs. I just bought them a desk for that room too. I guess this isn’t really a product but just a point that often spending money for other people feels a lot more justified than spending it on yourself.


Image source: anon, Deconovo

Sheets/Pillows. You don’t need 600 threadcount. But somewhere around 400 threadcount is perfect. And buy two sets. Wash them once a week, rotate them out so they last a long time. A good mattress cover is a good idea as well.

But don’t cheap out on the pillow either. Make sure you buy something for the style of sleep you do, side sleeping, on your tummy, or on your back.

Someone has already mentioned mattresses. Also worth the money.

Edit: Bed Bath and Beyond is your friend. Personally one of my favorite stores (at least after Linen and Things went bankrupt.) They’ll have all the assortment of pillows and bedding you could ever even think of. I don’t recommend them for mattresses though (they might be good, I just don’t have any personal experience.)

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