25 Perspectives On What’s Astonishingly Rare Yet Widely Overlooked

Published 4 months ago

The vast expanse of the internet serves as a treasure trove of knowledge and intriguing discussions. Recently, a thought-provoking question surfaced on the platform, sparking a fascinating conversation: “What is extremely rare but people think it’s very common?” The responses poured in, revealing a myriad of surprising and uncommon phenomena that are often considered common in our daily lives.

Let’s delve into some intriguing answers that challenge our perceptions of rarity and commonality.

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Image source: Dontshunlee, Avel Chuklanov

Casting director here.

Having a career in acting, I don’t mean being famous. I mean paying your bills with acting alone.

I would hazard being an exclusively working actor is about 1% of actors.

But the amount of people still going into acting tells me people think otherwise.


Image source: Iamwallpaper, Peter Zulauf

Blimps, there are only around 25 left


Image source: ArtichokeStroke, Juan Marin

That men are pretending to be trans so they can sneak into the ladies room to watch us pee.


Image source: globalfinancetrading, Tim Mossholder

A business becoming profitable within 2 years. Be patient, it takes time (years). Businesses only fail if they have to be shut down. Keep them alive, ride out the time factor, and enjoy success down the road.


Image source: misalanya, Daian Gan

Making a living off just your art alone. Musicians, Artists, Film makers, Dancers — that whole lot, what we see on TV and Movies are the cream of the crop (not that they are necessarily the best, mind you, they’ve just risen up somehow) and are a very small percentage. Most Artists of whatever medium will stay in relative obscurity — i.e. you’re a regional act, you gained some glint of fame, and yes admiration, even inspiring others — but when you’re not on tour, when you’re not in the studio, you’re working a job that pays the bills.

I think the key to success here is that you find a job you like, are good at, and allows you to do your art without interference. That way, when you’re 45 and your band still hasn’t “broke through” or your art isn’t commanding tens of thousands, you’re not just stuck stocking shelves at the grocery (not that there’s anything wrong with that, it just pays p**s-poor).


Image source: 3925, John Shepherd

Drag Queens at the local library.

I go to my library at least twice a week, and I’ve yet to see one.


Image source: MysteryRadish, Elīna Arāja

Amnesia. It’s common in fiction because it’s convenient in ways that makes things easy for the writers, for example explaining why someone’s dark past is a secret which can be revealed later at the climax of the story. In real life it’s very rare and doesn’t work like people think it does.


Image source: throw123454321purple, Marcelo Cidrack

Shark attacks resulting in death


Image source: feyceless, RF._.studio

vaccine injury


Image source: Mermaidman93, Rosemary Ketchum

Being transgender.

I saw a news reel once where the anchor was interviewing people off the street, all political affiliations. Conservatives thought 30% to 40% of kids were identifying as Trans. Liberals a bit closer, guessed 10%-20%.

The real number revealed at the end of the segment?

1.4% ?


Image source: CutthroatTeaser, Michel E

People surviving CPR and waking up immediately acting normal and asking what happened.


Image source: Icelandia2112, Tirachard Kumtanom



Image source: mydarthkader, cottonbro studio

Becoming a self-made millionaire. That’s hard without a bunch of leg-ups.


Image source: htii_, Tiffany Anthony

Pearls. Of all the fine stones(I know it classifies differently, but for jewelry, it’s basically a stone), it’s the one that has to happen in an oyster, which only exist on Earth. Other planets are literally raining diamonds, they’re so common. But, pearls are probably one of the rarest substances to exist


Image source: CheesyBendito, Elisa Giaccaglia

Natural triplets.


Image source: Kkarotcake, Kellie Churchman

Going missing in the Bermuda triangle


Image source: fatcatfromspace, Isaac Weatherly

Walking into an alley in Manhattan. Happens all the time in shows/movies, in reality there are like 1 or 2 in the whole borough.


Image source: lack-of-creativity, Zachary Caraway

Insanity pleas actually sticking.


Image source: Sweeper1985, SHVETS production

Savant abilities in autism. We have Rain Main to thank for that, largely, but there are big questions as to whether the guy this was based on actually should have been diagnosed with something other than ASD.


Image source: JohnYCanuckEsq, Arches National Park


I was led to believe it would be a much bigger problem in my adult life.


Image source: LifeGivesMeMelons, Volodymyr Hryshchenko

Stranger abductions of children represent less than one percent of all missing child cases (in the US, at least). They’re mostly runaways or family abductions.


Image source: JK_NC, Sasun Bughdaryan

Successfully suing a company for millions. Some Redditors will have you believe that any minor inconvenience should earn you some kind of massive payout. And the comments will assure you that the company will do anything to avoid bad PR.


Image source: carbsatnight, Cristian Castillo

My dog coming when I call him


Image source: ddela123, Keith Johnston

Your kid becoming a pro (or even college) athlete


Image source: Broad_Dress_7161, Krysten Merriman

Green eyes

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