40 Pics Of Fascinating Things People Found In A Forest

Published 4 weeks ago

People have a knack for stumbling upon some truly peculiar sights while wandering through the woods, and they haven’t hesitated to document these discoveries and share them online. From bizarre natural occurrences to mysterious man-made objects, there’s no shortage of unexpected finds waiting to be uncovered in the forest. 

We’ve curated a collection of these fascinating snapshots, offering a glimpse into the strange and wonderful world hidden within the trees. Get ready to be amazed by the unexpected treasures that nature has to offer!

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#1 This Tree Ate This Trail Sign But Left The Perfect Window For Little Hiking Man

Image source: royalecheez

#2 Mirror Sculptures Reflect The Forest By Scottish Artist Rob Mulholland

Image source: Rob Mulholland Artist, Rob Mulholland Artist

#3 A Rabies Vaccine That Is Airdropped In The Woods For Raccoons To Eat

Image source: Citii

#4 Stained Glass Window In A Forest

Image source: cherrybaggle

#5 Giant Puffball Mushroom My Sister Found In The Woods

Image source: kfranky

#6 Old Train Track Almost Completely Reclaimed By Nature

Image source: asmallercat

#7 Does Anyone Know The Cause Of A Tree Growing In A Spiral Like This? I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It. Found In The Woods Of Georgia

Image source: sloppyjo77

#8 I Went Deeper Into The Woods. Someone Is Making Art

Image source: Hamofthewest

#9 Found In The Woods

Image source: CardiacSchmardiac

#10 Found A Stargate In The Middle Of Nowhere Near Linz, Austria

Image source: zodd1981

#11 Tree Roots Are Growing Over A Stream

Image source: momsmashinator

#12 This Group We Came Across In A Forest Casually Hiking In Medieval Outfits

Image source: ksanyee

#13 Found A Sword While Hiking Near An Old Clearcut. BC, South Coast

Image source: Monorail_Song

#14 I Took A Picture Of A Forest Troll

Image source: Big_Cartographer1424

#15 I Found This Cool Walking Stick Out In The Woods As I Went Hiking

Image source: GreenchiliStudioz

#16 I Finally Found My Very Own Chicken Tree. Spotted this fine specimen from the road. Had to have gotten 20 lbs of chicken without making a dent in it! Found in New Jersey.

Image source: power_in_logic

#17 A Trail I Was Walking On Had Rock-Foot Sculptures. I Had To Add One As Well

Image source: dakatzpajamas

#18 These Bendy Trees I Saw On My Walk This Afternoon

Image source: floydical

#19 Abandoned Pet Cemetery In The Woods Of Freetown, Massachusetts

Image source: Whimsical_Ruins

#20 A Plane Crash I Hiked To In North Carolina

Image source: L3N1B

#21 Came Across A Boar Sculpture In The Middle Of The Forest

Image source: FossilisedShark

#22 First Gold Find For The Year And The Weirdest Find Of All Time

Image source: Bill20201

I was in the woods detecting in an area with heavy iron today (1800s nails in the ground, scrap iron bits, and sheet metal bits), and to my amazement, found dentures made of gold. Not sure how old they are, but my guess is somewhere in the 1800s up to the 1940s, since the homes which were once nearby were gone by the mid-1940s.

#23 Art Installation In My Local Forest While It’s Foggy Outside

Image source: minzkonig

#24 While Driving Around The Rural Southern Mountains, We Came Across This Abandoned Home Tucked Away. Neighbours have said that they remember going over there to play as kids, but now it is abandoned and slowly tilting more and more every year.

Image source: silent_hills_explorations

#25 I Found It Tucked In A Tree Near The Top Of Mount Greylock In Massachusetts. The second card says: “How about a hike, maybe a walk, keep me in your pocket… Our adventure awaits.”

Image source: louieneuy

#26 Black Cat On A Leather Chair In The Woods. One time I was on a random back road. There was a little paved path going up to a leather armchair in the middle of a pretty thick little woods. On the arm of the chair was a black cat, bathing in the sun’s rays. It felt unreal, like straight out of a book. I didn’t dare get any closer, as I figured that a witch must live nearby.

Image source: astrobleeem

#27 Stumbled Upon A Fallen Totem In The Forest In British Columbia, Canada

Image source: smoothloam

#28 Found These Structures And An Entire Stone Labyrinth In The Forest While Foraging. I think it’s either my fellow stoners who got a little too enthusiastic, neopagans, or a portal to the fairy land through Pan’s labyrinth.

Image source: thuebanraqis

#29 A Blue Mineral Stone Found In The Forest

Image source: fancygoldfishfrog

#30 Randomly Found This Dilapidated Cabin In The Woods While Exploring

Image source: indecentoctopus

#31 Found This 1829 Silver Half-Dime In The Woods. Nickels Weren’t Invented Yet

Image source: RedParrot94

#32 10-Pound Penny With 3 Skeleton Keys Found In The Woods. I found these while detecting in the woods near my house. It’s by far the most intriguing thing I’ve found since starting the hobby.

Image source: KinCarver

#33 A Whole Other World I Found In A Beer Bottle Laying In The Woods

Image source: Concheck_

#34 My Dad Made A Solid Oak Secret Door For People To Discover On Their Walks

Image source: Francoberry

#35 Found A 19th-Century Dog’s Gravestone While Out Walking In The Woods

Image source: spindaa

#36 Saw This Tree Today While Hunting. Thought You Might Like It. Looked Magical To Me

Image source: 5348455

#37 Abandoned Jaguar E-Type Hidden In The Forest

Image source: c_stone710

#38 Beaver’s Chew Marks On A Tree That I Found

Image source: thunderchicken275

#39 Abandoned Rail Tunnel. Willamette National Forest, Oregon

Image source: Draw_Rude

#40 This Basket Stinkhorn I Found While Bushwalking

Image source: Lizard__Spock

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