22 People Talk About The Fastest They Ever Quit A Job And Why

Published 11 months ago

Starting a new job means you have to start building relationships with new colleagues, your new boss and generally understanding the culture so you can integrate successfully. However, from the second you start the gig, if you feel like it’s not the right fit for you do you give it a go anyways? Only to eventually, absolutely hate it and stay miserable or quit 6 months down the line. 

But what if you had had the guts to go with your instinct and left immediately? Some folks do such things and it’s not a half-bad move. They recognised toxic cultures fast and got out of dodge asap, according to the following stories. In fact, why should anyone suffer in a horrible workplace, so hats off to these folks for not accepting any less than they deserve.

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Image source: xonacrackr, Karolina Grabowska

I’m a vet tech. I quit a clinic after about 3 weeks when the doctor told me to start reusing needles. He wanted me to pull up a vaccine, administer it, ,the pull the next vaccine up into the same syringe with the same needle and repeat.

That was the final straw.

The first straw was finding out that we (it was a small practice with 2 other techs and 1 receptionist) were required to bring our own toilet paper to work :)



Image source: shortyjizzle, Drew Rae

4 hours. Took a job working as a computer operator at a casino only to be told after orientation that I would be working a split shift twice a day, every holiday, and every weekend. I went home called back and quit. They threw a fit and asked who would cover that weekend as they all had vacation and I said I didn’t know because I didn’t work there anymore. Years later someone I worked with at another job and who had worked at the casino found out I had worked there and said “YOURE THE GUY!!! THEY HAAAAATE YOU THERE.” lol



Image source: silvanmorte, Alexander Dummer

15 minutes. Applied for and accepted a job that was advertised as solely data entry, evening shifts. Got there, did the quick intro/meet and greet thing and was handed a mobile phone.

No word of a lie, supervisor goes “It’s actually a cold calling role, no-one would apply if we said that so we tell people it’s data entry.”

I went sorry, what?

He goes yeah, we cold call people for this idea my friend has asking for investors! You’ll get a commission if you do well!

At that point in time I was a salty, snarky young lady so I told him to shove it, that this was probably illegal in so many, many, ways, I applied for data entry not cold calling and swindling people, etc etc. Called my dad to come pick me up and never looked back – took a legit data entry offer the next day.

So. Yeah. Uh… 15 minutes. Found out many years later that dude and the friend with the great idea both got done on some serious fraud charges shortly after my run in with them.



Image source: MiseryLovesMisery, Laura James

While I was a studying to be a nurse I worked as a nursing assistant.

I got employed by this aged care facility – this wasn’t my first job in this role and I was almost finished nursing so I had experience and knowledge.

The conditions were absolutely horrific.
They had a woman laying in her urine constantly – only changing the pad twice a day. She had developed a fungal infection and they were only treating it with steroids for the redness and not the actual fungal infection.

There was 2 person assist we were doing with a resident and she had to hold on to bars to help stand herself up and it had wheels to move her. I assessed she didn’t have the strength and refused to do it. The other aid did it by herself and the woman got a skin tear from not being able to hold herself up.

There was a woman there with a broken wrist from being dressed that morning.

There’s a heap of other stuff that happened on that one shift but holy s**t.
I’ve never quit after one shift and reported a facility so fast.



Image source: LEAPSKing, Mikhail Nilov

Within 30 min of finishing/filing all the HR paperwork. I sat down at my new desk, opened my backpack and started organizing all the books I brought when my new boss came over and made a comment that didn’t sit well with me. He expressed his disappointment in me for not filling out the paperwork with a “sense of urgency” and said he hopes this isn’t a habit. When he left to go back to his office, I opened up my email and wrote a brief paragraph to the effect of “I can see you run a tight ship here. I don’t believe this is a good fit for either of us.” I packed up my books and walked out the front door. Again, literally 30 min. Turns out, this was the best decision I could have made, as I almost immediately found a new job that paid 40% more. The job I walked out on paid $58k as an IT Field Engineer. I went on to work as an Infrastructure Engineer, my job until this day. $81K start, 100% WFH.



Image source: Zosopagedadgad, Naval Surface Warriors

Late 80s. Dishwasher for a big chain restaurant. Super busy, at the end of the night, we mop the whole kitchen area. Then the chef comes around with a giant flashlight looking under everything. If he finds a single thing he doesn’t like, I have to mop the whole floor again. Well, he keeps finding stuff. After the 3rd time, I told him to stick it. Was making $3.35 an hour.



Image source: YellowForest4, Timur Weber

“You’re a girl, you can sweep.” F**k you Frank. I walked off and never went back. I was in my early twenties working for a big box store.


Image source: Jellybones52, RDNE Stock project

About 5 minutes after being hired. Enough time to be shown around by the director of nursing and meet the admin. I introduced myself and he said “Why should I care?” I just went f**k this and walked out.



Image source: Ok-Thing-2222, Lina Kivaka

Babysitting job as a 6th grader for a baby/toddler and the dad came home during lunch and tried to get me in the bedroom with a nudie magazine. I was terrified.



Image source: notanotherkrazychik, Michael

I quit Tim’s because I had no idea where to go. I went to my first day, and they told me I was at the wrong location, so I walked to the one they sent me to, and I was told that there were no new people starting. Then I tried calling the person who hired me, so they gave me a number to call to find out the right Tim’s. I get to the one I’m told to go to, but they don’t have anyone starting that day either. I get a call from the Tim’s I’m “supposed” to be at, asking where I am, I ask them their address, and then I get back to the first one I was at! I went in and explained my situation and was told that they aren’t the one either. I’m just standing there with a stupid look on my face, so I left to go to the park and sit on my phone, calling, texting, emailing for a couple hours, just to be told to go to the one that sent me away twice already.

My shortest time “working” was the four hours I spent playing hide and go seek with Tim Hortons.



Image source: tech405, Michel Curi

In college, I got a summer job at SeaRay boats through a temp agency. Showed up first thing and they had me sit in the break room which was on the 2nd floor, overlooking the entire plant. Waited an hour for someone to come get me and heard a commotion. Looked out and 3-4 people were running out, because a dude cut off his middle and ring fingers with a sawzall. The dude behind him had his fingers in a towel. At the time, I wasn’t what you might call tool handy. So I noped right the f**k out.



8 hours/1 shift. I was working for a temp agency and they were very specific about what we could and couldn’t do for light industrial work. The big one was ladders; we were not to go higher than 8 feet. The agency also set our hours for us, and any changes would need to go through them.

So they send me to a warehouse that makes plastic frames for windows. It’s August in the south, and the place has no AC. The entire space reeks from the furnace that melts the plastic and extrudes it into the various molds. My job was to do an updated inventory count. I was contracted to do first shift (7 am-3 pm). My supervisor starts off by saying that starting tomorrow, I should come in at 2 am to start that day’s count because it is so much easier to do when it is cool. I told him that he’d have to clear that change with the temp agency. He replied “No, it’s fine, we do it all the time.” I then asked if I would be getting a pay bump because that’s technically 3rd shift, and those workers get paid more. He immediately changed the subject.

As the shift goes on, I’m partnered with a veteran, and we have to count everything on the shelves. The shelves go up to @ 20 feet, so he drives over a scissor lift. No straps, no safety harness. I look at him and tell him that the temp agency only lets me go up on ladders no taller than 8 feet. He told me to get on and just not tell them. He wants me to lean waaaaay out over the edge of the lift to count frames.

I finished the shift, drove home, and called the temp agency. I told them about the unauthorized change in schedule and the unsafe working conditions and told them I would not be returning.

Image source: Shelby71


Image source: Sea-Woodpecker-610, Mike Jones

One week. Worked as a delivery driver for a national pizza chain in high school. Got my first paycheck at the end of the week and it was stupidly low. I reported my tips. They deducted them from my hourly wage. Took off my shirt right in front of my manager, and literally walked across the parking lot to the Chinese place with a “drivers wanted” sign in the window. I started driving for them the next day.



Image source: dustractor, RDNE Stock project

i started dishwashing at a hotel. morning shift 6am to 3pm. partway through my shift they said the night guy called in and asked if i could cover it. partway through that shift they said the night security guy called in. told me it would be super easy i’d just need to carry some keys and a radio and they would let me stay in a room. i made it through the night and managed to show up for my 6am shift in the kitchen. the manager walks in and starts with “the other dishwasher just called in. can you—“ at that point i f*****g lost it and threw whatever i had in my hands across the room and walked out. twenty six hours on the clock



Image source: TemperatureMore5623, Mike Mozart

10 minutes. Walmart. Shoe Department.

Shift trainer: (gestures vaguely at a shoe department where there were HUNDREDS of shoes thrown haphazardly onto the floor by some goofball kids running wild up and down every aisle) Clean this. All of this. Put it all away. And if you don’t finish before you leave, I’m clocking you out and you’re staying until it’s done.

“Sounds good.” As soon as the shift trainer went down a different aisle, I took off the vest/lanyard and speed-walked right out the door to my car.



Image source: voices-of-a-vixen, Helena Lopes

I worked at a hotel for a matter of 3 hours because I listened to the hotel manager talk on the phone about wanting to strangle and murder a staff member. I was taking a training course on the computer, immediately got up and did not return. He seemed off before that and that did it in for me.



1 day of training. It wasn’t a bad job – serving old folks in a retirement community. But I asked for the schedule to see when I worked next and the boss chuckled knowingly. “That’s not how we do it here, son.” He explained that he would give me a call when I was needed and I would need to be to work half an hour after the call. “So no regular shifts? Just… whenever? I can’t do that. I’m working two other jobs. I would need to schedule around those other jobs or change my schedule there to fit around this job. I’m sorry, but I can’t work for you.” He said he understood and was sorry I couldn’t be more flexible. We parted amicably though I was flummoxed about how that man could possibly run a place with that method of staffing. Three weeks later he called me at five am to see if I could work the breakfast shift. I was less friendly as I reminded him I had quit. I was a little surly at my other jobs that day.

Image source: Ganbario


Image source: bzsbal, Edmond Dantès

I had an interview that was unlike any other interview I’ve ever had. It was a room full of other applicants and the “interviewer.” The interviewer was telling us about the job, asked if anyone had any questions, then said we were all hired. I didn’t fill any paperwork out thank goodness. After he said we were all hired, half the people including myself walked out. The job was to go door to door selling knives, and we would have to pay $2k for our demo set of knives. Nope! No thanks!



Image source: Sirchiefsalot2020, Kimberly Access

1 day thru a temp agency. They had me 15+ feet high, up on a cherry picker with no harness loading 60 pound pales of reflective roofing paint onto the picker. I would have refused but I was broke and needed gas money to keep looking for another job ?. Anxiety was thru the roof even after I had ended the day. I reported them to OSHA.



Image source: Top_Tart_7558, Mike Mozart

Walmart. Around 10 days in there was a psycho who broke into the gun case resulting in an active shooter alarm. Hid in the freezer and quit on the spot once it was over.



Image source: ZaksOnReddit, Kevin Bidwell

I worked for Buc-ees in Texas for 2 days. During the interview they told me that if I had exposed tattoos I would have to wear compression sleeves to cover them or wear a long sleeve. On my first day of training I showed up in compression sleeves. Everytime I would reach across the counter to check someone out the compression sleeve would come down on my arm a little revealing a portion of the tattoo I had on my elbow. Eventually the manager noticed this and gave me a verbal warning for it, then on my break that day I took my compression sleeves off while I had my lunch, and the manager came through the break room, saw that I had my sleeves off and gave me a written warning.

The next day I came in in a long sleeve shirt, hoping to avoid the same issues. I reached across the counter and the tattoo on my wrist poked out. The manager then told me that she thinks I’m an idiot for getting tattoos on my arms and that if I couldn’t manage to keep them covered 100% during my duties she would fire me. I left that night and never went back.



Image source: cheyonreddit, Madison Inouye

Sandwich shop. Health inspector showed up. Found mop cleaning solution in the tub they were keeping the utensils they used make sandwiches with (get meatballs out for subs, spread tuna on sandwiches, etc). That explained the very odd, burning chemical smell from that area. The mop cleaner was mixing with the meatballs and sauce and just cooking all day in that pot. Owner argued that it was safe to use it that way. He made he dump it out in front of him. The second he left, she filled it back up and put all the utensils back in it.

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