Boyfriend Shares His Girlfriend’s Cakes Online, Doesn’t Expect Internet To React Like This

Published 6 years ago

Nobody could ever resist a good slice of cake but have you ever felt like the cake looks just too good to be eaten?

A few days ago Aaren McMichael went online to share his girlfriend’s Katie Talley’s incredible cakes, and he did not expect the reaction that he got after posting these incredible photos. He commented on his post by saying: “For the record, I do not believe half of what she makes is real, I too believe she forgot to make a cake and simply set her purse down for the photo.”

Katie Talley works in a cake shop where they create incredibly realistic and unique cake designs, you can check more of their work here.

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Everyone has praised this baker because of her intricate masterpieces

Rugile Matuseviciute

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