30 Serving Fails At Restaurants That Might Make You Wonder “Why?” (New Pics)

Published 1 year ago

Sometimes restaurants try to get creative with their presentation and plating ideas but fail miserably. Whoever came up with the idea of serving food in anything instead of plates and bowls might have done it for the sake of innovation but the idea has turned out to be such a disaster that people have started a movement called “We Want Plates“. According to this website, “It’s the global crusade against serving food on bits of wood and roof slates, chips in mugs, and drinks in jam jars.”

From food served in an upside-down glass to fries served in a shoe, scroll below to see some of the most bizarre things people have been served in. To see more funny photos of weird food servings from “We Want Plates”, check out our previous posts hereherehere, and here.

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#1 Pancakes In Michigan. The Syrup Dripped Onto My Pants And Shoes While They Were Carrying It To The Table

Image source: a_complex_kid

#2 Man At The Next Table Got His Avocado Salad On A Pillow. Impossible To Properly Wash. Why??

Image source: certifiedfuckup

#3 Desert In A 2 Star Michelin Restaurant

Image source: keeeek

#4 What The F**k

Image source: pleathershorts

#5 Lamb Chops On A Baroque Framed Mirror. When Is The Cocaine Course Served?

Image source: Amylynn4215

#6 I Found The Actual Cocaine Course. It’s On The Beignets

Image source: Amylynn4215

#7 A Single Raw Shrimp Served On Rocks

Image source: ieatcrayonzs

#8 Why Does This Exist

Image source: BlightedTanner

#9 This Seems Almost Malicious

Image source: ImGoingBackToBed

#10 Meanwhile

Image source: atuan

#11 With A Side Of Blindness

Image source: Turgidlyharp32

#12 Pizza Inside A Box Of Pizza

Image source: bobby_barbados

#13 Smoked Tuna With An Onion On A Rock

Image source: Akanderson87

#14 Ordered A Lox Bagel. It Was Served Like This And I Had To Assemble It Myself

Image source: 700x25C

#15 We Also Want Menus

Image source: FjohursLykkewe

#16 Bread For The Table On Coffee Filters

Image source: MudCreek928

#17 This Was Advertised As A Pad Thai Lunch Special

Image source: demiurgish

#18 Why!!??

Image source: SailWithoutEm

#19 Got To Admit, That Was Pretty Cute (Cheesecake Samples)

Image source: Pikalika

#20 Tuna Tartare On An Upside Down Martini Glass…. Idk Why They Get Away With This

Image source: LuckOk5474

#21 Oh Deer

Image source: Jordanovichy

#22 [we Ate] Norwegian Take On The American Cheeseburger

Image source: funkyeahhh

#23 Skate Poutine

Image source: crack-O-caine

#24 Found This On Tumblr

Image source: ChadMojito

#25 Fried Green Beans Served In A Shoe

Image source: Zenai

#26 From A Friends Ig Story. I Have No Words, Only Questions

Image source: Hickmandude

#27 The Accursed Cup/Bowl Hybrid Has Made Its Way To China With A Cola And Xiaolongbao Combo

Image source: Odelta

#28 No I Have Never Wanted To Do Body Shots Off Pinocchio

Image source: bluelovexD

#29 Caption Said “A Sensory Moment” – Chocolate In Hand

Image source: TownMountain

#30 When You Order “Ice” Coffee

Image source: tavenitas

#23 Could Have At Least Given A Nicer Paint Brush To Eat With…

Image source: fulfilledphil

#24 The Coffee Comes In A Disposable Cup, But Your Meal Comes In A Coffee Mug!

Image source: Penguin121314

#25 I Always Wanted To Eat In A Gravel Pit, Not Knowing What Is Edible

Image source: H4kor

#26 You Ever Had Your Sushi Hidden Inside A Tree Branch?

Image source: lemonboy71

#27 Ordered Tiramisu At A Restaurant. Got This Served On Cooking Paper Prepared Right In Front Of Me

Image source: ChunkySealTurtle

#28 Hay-Wrapped Chicken

Image source: ayokiamanda

#29 How About Some Spring Rolls In A Miniature Shopping Cart?

Image source: leopkoo

#30 This Cocktail I Got In A Plastic Bag. We Also Want Glasses!

Image source: lord_ikiwiki

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