30 Hilarious Instructions That Are Missing The Most Crucial Steps

Published 3 years ago

If you ever tried to assemble some IKEA furniture, you probably know that following written instructions is not as easy as it may look. But you know what makes following instructions even harder? Skipping the most crucial steps. And for whatever reason, some instruction writers think that excluding them is perfectly acceptable.

Tired of all the useless instructions that leave more questions than answer, someone started an ironic subreddit called r/RestOfTheF**kingOwl – and it’s absolutely hilarious. From drawing animals to installing blinds, check out a collection of instructions that make things sound much less difficult than they really are in the gallery below!

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#1 Photoshop Tutorials Be Like

Image source: Anton31Kah

#2 Draw The Rest Of The Rose

Image source: imgur.com

#3 How To Draw A Tree

Image source: GeneReddit123

#4 Secret To Long Life

Image source: praisedalord1

#5 Only One Easy Step

Image source: Mezzomedo

#6 How To Draw Australia

Image source: reddit.com

#7 Wine Not?

Image source: yuyein

“If I’m reading the instructions correctly, after 3 glasses of wine the bookshelf assembles itself.”

#8 “Now Add Bits To The Bird” – From My 5 Year Old’s School Book

Image source: daddyisagamer

#9 Nothing Makes Sense

Image source: MustNeedDogs

#10 How To Retire At 38

Image source: Snapped_Marathon

#11 The Rest Of The Startup Money

Image source: hojomonkey

#12 A Page In My IKEA Instruction Manual Told Me To Throw Out One Of The Parts

Image source: imgur.com

#13 It’s Just That Simple

Image source: gingerbearsw

#14 The Chopstick Company Didn’t Even Try

Image source: Retractableman

#15 Rest Of The Bridal Updo

Image source: Pizzacanzone

#16 How Old Is A Tree

Image source: nascraytia

#17 Carving A Tree Into A Bear

Image source: dj505Gaming

#18 Step 1: Get Tools.. Step 2: Install The Thing

Image source: pursu777

#19 It Is So Easy

Image source: Swee_et

#20 Rest Of The House

Image source: megabanette

#21 How To Draw A Racoon With A Party Hat

Image source: lionqueen0

#22 Step 2: Pay Off All Debt

Image source: meganlizzie

#23 How To Meditate

Image source: TheUnoriginalOP

#24 Real Helpful

Image source: pnk0mega

#25 My Girlfriends Soap Wrapper

Image source: aGamingAsian

#26 “Lovely Decoration”…

Image source: Stereotypical-tag

#27 And That, Class, Is How A Planet Is Born

Image source: savemeqp

#28 Rest Of The Pizza

Image source: FlamesDoHelp

#29 Thanks

Image source: EcRar30

#30 Just Make Money, It Is That Easy!

Image source: I_POST_ON_THE_DONALD

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