25 “Funny Charts” About Absolutely Everything

Published 2 months ago

Who would have thought graphs and bar charts could be fun? Having had a look at the content available on the “Funny Charts” online group though, one might have to agree it is quite amusing after all. 

From breaking down insults to sarcastically pointing out facts, these charts need to be seen to be understood. Scroll below to check out some of the available guides and depictions disbursing information creatively and humorously without missing a single point. 

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#1 World’s Most Accurate Pie Chart

Image source: matts41

Jeff White: There is no way one could argue with this one. Well played.

#2 It’s Math

Image source: matts41

#3 A Guide To Eating Fish At Work

Image source: oopsicharted

#4 Yearly Flossing Calendar

Image source: matts41

devotedtodreams: Used to be me, except that I never flossed. Now I’ve been flossing daily for almost a year, and morning breath isn’t as bad anymore :)

#5 Zoom Call Timeline

Image source: matts41

#6 Anatomy Of Songs

Image source: matts41

Anakinobi:  I like how jazz is 36 minutes long.

#7 Cat’s Decision Tree

Image source: matts41

James016: My son’s decision making tree as well

#8 The Doctor Alphabet

Image source: oopsicharted

Zaphod: This checks out. I know because I am a pharmacist.

#9 How I Sleep

Image source: matts41

Mimi La Souris:  Personally, I strongly request a study that will explain to me why I cannot sleep in a soft bed but that I would perfectly manage to snore on my office chair.

#10 Thoughts During Yoga

Image source: matts41

Brittania Kelli: They left out ‘don’t fart, don’t fart, don’t fart.’

#11 Moving A Picture In Word

Image source: matts41

TheAmericanAmerican: It’s going on 30 YEARS and this problem still exists… why?

#12 Frequency Of Miracles

Image source: oopsicharted

Austin Sauce: Maybe we need to change our concept on what a miracle is.

#13 How Society Views Sleeping

Image source: matts41

#14 Insult Generator For Kids

Image source: matts41


#15 When People Find A Paperclip

Image source: i_noticed_you

Blue Bunny of Happiness:  They missed out the “You’re on Mute” in this graph. Got to be at least 10% of my work meetings

#16 Greek Mythology Problems

Image source: oopsicharted

MaximumKarmaSaint: “And along came Zeus!”

#17 Confusing To Every American

Image source: oopsicharted

Mimi La Souris:  not only americans

#18 What People Say When They Try On Your Glasses

Image source: matts41

Red PANda (she/they): I laughed so hard at this this is so accurate 🤣🤣 although I normally don’t let people try on my glasses cuz they’d probably break your eyes

#19 How To Turn Off A Ceiling Fan

Image source: matts41

Austin Sauce: You’re missing the step that mentions “think it’s going slower so pull the string again… pull the string 3 more times before you realize you’re pulling the light string and not the fan string.”

#20 How Men Shower

Image source: matts41

Mia BlackI fear this is true for to many

#21 Are You Tired? Flowchart

Image source: matts41

Multa Nocte: This flowchart is me.

#22 Things To Release At A Wedding

Image source: matts41

Remi (He/Him): Oooh I wanna Kraken at mine!

#23 How Kids Are Funny

Image source: matts41

Hans GeorgKids are not stupid, but unknowing. Adults are stupid.

#24 Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Basic Human Needs

Image source: matts41

Mimi La Souris: alone time for me

#25 Cleaning The House

Image source: matts41

Yaba Dabado: What about “dancing to whatever music you put on”?

Shanilou Perera

Shanilou has always loved reading and learning about the world we live in. While she enjoys fictional books and stories just as much, since childhood she was especially fascinated by encyclopaedias and strangely enough, self-help books. As a kid, she spent most of her time consuming as much knowledge as she could get her hands on and could always be found at the library. Now, she still enjoys finding out about all the amazing things that surround us in our day-to-day lives and is blessed to be able to write about them to share with the whole world as a profession.

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