35 Hilarious And Heartwarming Moments When Pets Stole The Christmas Spotlight

Published 5 months ago

Christmas, a season of joy and merriment, is often made even more memorable by the delightful antics of our beloved pets. From heartwarming moments that warm our souls to comical mishaps that leave us in stitches, our furry friends have a way of making the holiday season unforgettable.

In this collection, we explore the myriad ways in which pets have added their unique pawprints to the Christmas festivities. Check out some of the wholesome pets enjoying Christmas in the gallery below.

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#1 Odo In His Christmas Sweater. Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Image source: graydave

Multa Nocte : “Noodle in a sweater.”

JL : “Does it move with him as he slithers? Otherwise, it’s just a tunnel.”

David : “The lighting makes it look like you have a gold plated snake.”

#2 Cat vs. Christmas Tree. The Cat Has Won

Image source: bibi_the_cat_hater_slayer

glowworm2 : “I didn’t do it. The tree suddenly tripped and fell!”

MotherofGuineaPigs : “This is why my ornaments are in baskets under the tree. I gave up to my little overlords”

#3 Every Christmas She Perfectly Photobombs At Least One Picture. Zoe Will Be 16-Years-Old In 3 Weeks

Image source: Jesta83

Pyla : “Such a darling!”

dayngerkat : “Photo bomb away!”

#4 He Had Steak For Dinner For Christmas. He Couldn’t Believe It

Image source: alluringvixen

Nina : “Those eyes.. Is This For Me?!!”

ToastedFroggy : “The eyes say it all! Thanks hoomans!”

#5 Ready In 3, 2, 1 Cheese

Image source: casybaseball

ToastedFroggy : “One for the memory books!”

Sleestak : “More of a pucker than a smile”

#6 Christmas Cat Photoshoot

Image source: TheSwimmingCactus

Nina : “So majestic in the last pic! And such a cute blep in the first ^^”

#7 One Of My Chicken – Freckles, Has Met A Santa. In The Second Photo, Freckles Is Reviewing The Naughty/Nice List. She Was Obviously On The Nice List

Image source: Raisin_Boy

Multa Nocte : “I love Santa’s delighted face!”

#8 Spotted This Husky While Out For A Walk

Image source: synthesezia

Amanda Rose : “This is so my brother’s husky! Niko is the biggest goofball.”

#9 Guardian Of The Christmas Ham

Image source: Zerfi

David Martin : “I’m genuinely curious, not being sarcastic; Is that plastic wrap a good idea in an oven? Is this some sort of product I’ve never heard of, oven safe plastic?”

#10 Family Christmas Picture Photobomb

Image source: aaronwalks

Amanda Rose : “I would call that a great photo!”

#11 Merry Christmas From Bob

Image source: mighystarfish9505

Frances Pitchoune : “Thank you Bob! Merry Christmas to you too! 🎄”

#12 Christmas Tree Has Been Up For Less Than 24 Hours. Half The Ornaments Are Already Knocked Off And The Angel Doesn’t Stand A Chance

Image source: The_Dezzy

Multa Nocte : “OMG, THIS is the perfect Christmas card! 😹”

#13 Crunchy Holidays

Image source: monkeycatluna

Nina : “Last frame: you took pictures of me singing?”

#14 Allon Is Wondering Which Present Has His Name On It. He Deserves All The Treats

Image source: JeffDavisParish

Birdlady17 : “Allon is precious.”

#15 It’s Actually A Cat Decorating A Christmas Tree

Image source: DontShowYourCat

g90814 : “Reaching for the extra brain cell!”

#16 Christmas Life Hack For Mischievous Cats

Image source: PugLover5533

Mark Howell : “Challenge accepted … )”

#17 My Attempt At A Cute Christmas Picture Of My 13-Year-Old Chow Mix, Samwise

Image source: Kid520

ToastedFroggy : “That tongue lol!🤪”

bas moelard : “Perfect cute little derp”

#18 The Difference Between Cats And Dogs: Dignity

Image source: Grnot

Jennik : “Someone’s going to die tonight.”

Gwen : “Better sleep with one eye open!”

Multa Nocte : ”  However, I am not sure if I have ever seen many cats that are more gorgeous than this one.”

#19 Happy Holidays! My Wife Asked Me To Take Christmas Pictures Of Our Kid. Apparently, This Isn’t What She Meant

Image source: MadinPhilly

Gwen : “Technically you are correct. She really needed to specify which one she meant!”

#20 Happy Holidays, Friends. Sending Piggy Smooches To All Of You Near And Far, No Matter What Holiday You Celebrate

Image source: thepigolly

Multa Nocte : “Because what says “Christmas” better than a cat riding a pig in a lovely home in front of a Christmas tree?”

#21 Got The Family Together For A Christmas Photo. Only 33% Of The Animals In The Photo Are Enjoying Themselves

Image source: dcraig814

pelemele : “One second before drama…”

#22 She Found And Opened Her Own Present While We Were Gone Without Disturbing Any Other Presents. I Don’t Know If That Makes Her Naughty Or Nice

Image source: Cuddle-Cactus2468

Tabitha : “For some reason, every cat I have had in my life has, once they’re too old and fat to climb the Christmas tree, developed a penchant for laying down under it. Once we start putting presents out, they also have this thing where they will only lay down near their own present. We have more than one cat, and I have no idea how they know which present is theirs, but they still only lay down near their own. Even if I move them to the other side. Even if the presents have no catnip in them. Just weird.”

#23 My Cat Got Stuck In The Wall On Christmas Day

Image source: therealIndigocat

Multa Nocte : “OMG, that arm! 😹 😹 😹 😹”

#24 Ms. Chleo Enjoying Her Favorite Holiday Film – Home Alone

Image source: Horangi1987

Multa Nocte : “SNEK!!!!!!! And it’s watching TV! Double win!”

#25 Pancakes Kept Getting In The Way, So He Became The Present (He Had No Complaints)

Image source: Moosebuckets

Amanda Rose : “Love the fluffy toes!”

#26 Paint Me Like One Of Your Christmas Trees

Image source: Bloody-August

Zaphod : “I like the mini cat couch.”

#27 I Tried To Take A Nice Christmas Photo Of My Cat, But She Had Other Ideas

Image source: ZacSimmo

Powerful Katrinka : “Up, up, and awaaaayyy!”

#28 “That’s My Shelf”

Image source: todashmacroverse

Eric Williams : “Keep playing dead Elfie. That’s what you’re supposed to do when attacked by a lion…Elfie??”

#29 Silly Cat Is Ready For Christmas

Image source: ShootaCat

Nina : “I love it! That’s not even a little blep, it’s an all-out mlleeep”

#30 My Work Here Is Done

Image source: 9999monkeys

Romek Vili : “Cool guys never look back to explosions.”

Deborah B : “It’s a tree-drop moment. Like a mic-drop, but 100% more festive.”

#31 Christmas Came Early At The Zoo Where My Girlfriend Works, And One Fox Couldn’t Be Happier

Image source: Daytman

Quarkbeast : “I wanna know what they got. A do-it-yourself snowman perhaps, I’m assuming that is an arctic fox.”

sbj : “Is this for me? Oh you shouldn’t have”

#32 The Grinch Is Ready To Obliterate The Christmas Tree

Image source: mrwir

Multa Nocte : “If ever there is an animal version of this movie, looks like we already have a star.”

#33 Buster Is Pretty Sure Ollie Is A Christmas Jerk

Image source: jeanjammer

nomnomborkbork : “as Ollie shoulders his way on to the naughty list…”

#34 My Husband Wanted The Christmas Tree Up. Now It Begins

Image source: krombopulosmfart

– Imp – (they/he) : “There is so much chaos in this picture and I love it”

#35 Breaking News: Giant Tabby Terrorizes Sleepy Christmas Village

Image source: Accomplished_Pea_819

tw 72 : “Someone put stuff on MY table. No problem!”

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