35 People Who Didn’t Have The Best Start Of The New Year

Published 6 months ago

The New Year is often seen as a fresh start, a time for resolutions and new beginnings. However, for some unfortunate souls, the transition from December 31st to January 1st turned out to be more of a stumble than a seamless leap into the future.

As the clock struck midnight, their well-intentioned resolutions collided with unexpected mishaps, creating a comedic tapestry of misadventures that added a touch of hilarity to their New Year’s escapades. Here’s a lighthearted look at some people who, let’s just say, didn’t exactly have the smoothest start to the new year.

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#1 New Year’s Eve Again. Never Forget

Image source: lyncreddit

A H : “Kudos to that fabric though. Better for industrial use over fashion?!”

Sian Edwards : “Standard Friday/Saturday night in the UK.”

Yuki : “I’ll be dead laughing if i am seeing it in person 🤣”

#2 When You Leave The Old Year In Style. This Just About Sums Up 2021

Image source: juesm1th

#3 The Amount Of Rubbish Left In Times Square After New Year’s Eve

Image source: thirdculturegurl

Blue : “There are no words strong enough…”

#4 On New Year’s Eve, After People Started Going Home From The Party, A Friend Of Mine Passed Out. We Decided To Have Some Fun By Stacking 12 Cans On His Head

Image source: diffies

Rain the dragon rider : “How is this a painfully unfortunate thing? I feel sorry for the drunk friend though”

#5 My iHome Is Still Drunk From New Year’s Eve Partying

Image source: DPerman1983

Luke Branwen : “Bro got stuck in the Infinite ’23”

Kathrin Pukowsky : “My French teacher once had a peculiar experience. He was on vacation in France, at a public pool. He noticed a big digital clock near a food stand, that showed 8 o’clock when he arrived, but two hours later, it already showed 12 o’clock. He thought it was just broken, but kept glancing at it every now and then. When the clock reached 25, it finally dawned on him that he wasn’t looking at a broken clock, but rather a thermometer. He loved that story.”

#6 My Friend Got Home After Work Around 2 AM To Find His Neighbor’s Son After Too Much Of The New Year’s Eve Celebration

Image source: yarddriver1275

Sleestak : “His head was cold.”

#7 New Year’s Eve Accident In Somerset, Kentucky

Image source: rebelshirts

Xray0976 : “Here we see a young limo coming out of the woods to the river for a much needed drink of water….”

#8 How I Rang In The New Year

Image source: The_Gunterson

Shark Lady : “Just one of the many reasons why I don’t go out to celebrate new year.”

#9 This Is Not Very Comforting

Image source: bocxtop

nomnomborkbork : “Has nothing to do with Florida–just a bad Uber driver.”

#10 New Year’s Photobomb

Image source: surelyknott

Shark Lady : “Good doggy just made the photo even better.”

Alexandria Tyme : “Perfect as now everybody has a real smile on their face, it’s one of dogs superpowers”

#11 Celebrating New Year’s Eve By Myself

Image source: Dobby1234

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “I spend all the holidays by myself. Nobody cares enough to put themselves out for me.”

#12 Wanted A Special Mountain Lake New Year’s Eve With The Wife, Even Upgraded To A Room With A View

Image source: f_me_blue

Bored something : “Very peaceful. I would be happy with it.”

#13 Our Sweet 7-Year-Old Dog Has A New Fireworks Phobia Thanks To The Neighbor Who Just Had To Shoot Illegal Fireworks Off Above Our House

Image source: freebaer

Pernille. : “Poor doggie. I hate fireworks too, luckily it was forbidden to set off fireworks here this year.”

#14 Got This Gem At About 10 PM Last Night, Hours Before The New Year

Image source: oryhiou

Baby chimera (she/her) : “Enjoy it while it lasts”

Lotekguy : “No loss. That may have been printed years ago, given the shelf life of those cookies.”

#15 Had Two Stray Bullets Hit My House Just After Midnight On New Year’s Eve. Through A Shower And Garage

Image source: khanbob42

Jules : “Jess Christ what is it with idiots and their need to fire guns like this??????”

#16 Because I’m Not Buying A New Glass Every Year

Image source: creepykirk

Bored something : “I like it!”

Oskar vanZandt : “I reuse calendars, so I totally get it…”

#17 4-Year-Old Girl Hit In The Shoulder With A Falling Bullet While Enjoying Fireworks

Image source: callel55

Libstak : “Thank God it was her shoulder and not her head, poor thing.”

#18 Stuck In Walmart During A New Year’s Tornado Warning

Image source: rjdose

Alexandra : “If you’re stuck in there, better make yourself comfortable!”

UncleJohn3000 : “Somebody always starts the “whom do we eat first?” conversation a little soon.”

BarkingSpider : “Grab some pillows from the bedding section and make a nest.”

Cyndi Hafele : “See? It could be a communal experience but everybody’s got their heads stuck in their phones. Look up people, you’re not alone.”

#19 Instead Of 2 A’s And 2 E’s, We Got 4 A’s In This Happy New Year Balloon Pack

Image source: amlozek

A H : “It’s gonna fit an accent somewhere in the world… :)”

#20 I Work 3rd Shift At A Hotel. For Ten Minutes, The Guy Argued He Was Staying In 227. We Don’t Have A 227. He Was At The Wrong Hotel. Happy New Year

Image source: flint_mi

Steve Robert : “Reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode I just watched on Syfy last night”

#21 Every New Year I Make Apple Pie From Scratch. 7 Kinds Of Apples, Buttery Crumb Topping. This Year It Promptly Exploded When I Took It Out Of The Oven

Image source: QBusiness

Megan Curl : “New Pyrex is trash. So sorry for you loss.”

#22 Don’t Forget To Wear Your Seatbelts This New Year’s Eve

Image source: VeryFastWithACucumberNiceAndSlowWithAZucchini

David Martin : “Did you have Dr Frankenfurter in your car? o.O”

Little Dino : “Omg that my seat when my dad drives”

#23 In Celebration Of New Year, People Like To Shoot Bullets Into The Air In Pakistan. One Managed To Go Through My Window

Image source: Gr8_DrWrecker

Bored something : “Now what could possibly go with randomly firing guns?”

#24 Happy New Year. Shower Screen Shattered At 1 AM First Day Of The Year

Image source: Even_Moose6853

Rita Radney : “I feel like you will be finding glass slivers for years”

#25 Friend Accidentally Bought These Folding Chairs Online For His New Year’s Eve Party. Only 5 For $8

Image source: FeelsRightDesign

Palo Sulek : “Two huge coins in the package as well? 😲 I think it’s a good deal”

#26 Happy New Year. Watch Your Step On That Ice. Broke In 3 Places. I Live Alone In The Woods

Image source: budtrimmer

Tiggy Darling : “Broke your leg in 3 places? Don’t go back to those 3 places then.”

#27 Happy New Year! What A Great Start To 2022

Image source: TophrTheTrppnTravelr

This happened when we were going back home in a bad snowstorm. My buddy was driving, he was drifting towards the ditch, and when he corrected to straighten out, the tires lost all traction and grip, we slid and rolled. Just happy we didn’t hit anyone and my dog is okay!

#28 Stepped Into The Ocean And Straight Onto A Fish Hook Stuck In The Rocks, On New Year’s Day, In A Small Town, With No Doctor On Duty

Image source: ChrisMelb

This is the hook after a doctor in a nearby town removed it. 1 week later, it’s healed and I’m fine.

#29 How I’m Spending This New Year’s Eve

Image source: reddit.com

I have Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). It’s a condition that makes everything feel like it’s spinning and I feel dizzy and nauseous all the time. It worsens with any head movement. I’m currently unable to walk on my own and can hardly even see due to blurred vision. It’s not supposed to be too serious, but it sucks.

#30 Well, I Guess There Will Be No Pork And Sauerkraut To Start The New Year

Image source: Tmf24406

#31 Right When The New Year’s Ball Dropped, My Cat Broke Her Tooth While Playing With My Other Cat. Happy 2023

Image source: milquetoast2000

RIP my wallet. Thankfully she’s eating and drinking just fine and doesn’t seem to be in pain, but she will need it removed on Monday.

#32 Sounds Like We Come From The Same Kind Of Family

Image source: DrJessTaylor

#33 Our Apartment Flooded At 12:05 On New Year’s Eve

Image source: Maggie_T

#34 New Year’s Eve Parties Always Result In A Casualty. Someone’s Idea Of A Good Time Is Pushing Our Grill In The Pool

Image source: sarahawesomehouse

#35 Family Has Covid, House Hasn’t Had Power For 8+ Hours, And Fridge Is Spoiled. Happy New Year

Image source: Snapthepigeon

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