30 Of The Funniest Hotel And Airbnb Fails

Published 3 years ago

Booking a hotel or an Airbnb without seeing it in person is always a gamble. And while nine times out of ten everything turns out fine, there are those rare cases when you arrive at the spot and instantly realize why that online deal sounded a little too good to be true.

People are sharing the worst hotel and Airbnb fails they’ve experienced, and some of them are actually hilarious. Bizarrely-placed windows, claustrophobic bathrooms, questionable art, and much more – check out the most unfortunate hotel fails in the gallery below!

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#1 My Hotel’s “Pool Area”

Image source: Johnoplata

#2 Came Back To The Hotel Room And Found This. It’s The Thought That Counts

Image source: joshuambrose

#3 I Reserved An Airbnb With A Sea View. Can’t Complain

Image source: weully

#4 The Cleaner At The Hotel In Egypt, Made This Towel-Monkey, And Dressed It In My Used Boxers

Image source: andydith

#5 Flat Carpet In A Hotel In Cologne, Germany Imitating A Curvy Surface

Image source: Majoranese

#6 This Poorly Translated Food Menu From A Hotel In Saudi Arabia

Image source: Trash-Panda-is-worse

#7 From A French Airbnb Alternative

Image source: robot_accomplice

#8 Asked My Driver To Take Me To A Cheap Hotel, Found This On The Room Door

Image source: tastes_like_thumbs

#9 Apparently Our Hotel Took Our Request For A Mini-Fridge Very Literally. Banana For Scale

Image source: MeddlingMike

#10 The Bathroom In Our Airbnb Was Rather Small

Image source: nevernomuffintops

#11 This Picture In The Hotel Lobby Looks Like Pubes

Image source: Big_Boss_1000

#12 These Stairs At Our Hotel

Image source: Zvek_Eagle

#13 When You Just Want To Be Alone In Your Hotel Room Bathroom, But It Has A Window For No Reason

Image source: Misterpeaceguy

#14 The Pool At My Hotel In Birmingham, Alabama. Yes, Those Are Toilets

Image source: jasonsmithatlanta

#15 The Door Stopper At My Hotel. I Present The “Toe Buster 5000”

Image source: CleetisMcgee

#16 This Hotel Bathroom “Tile” Wall Is Actually Just Numerous Pictures Of Denim-Clad Butts

Image source: ChristieIsBored

#17 Don’t Wake Anybody Up If You’re Exiting The Motel During A Fire

Image source: Coffee4MySoul

#18 It Looks Like The Hotel Cart Ran Someone Over And Is Tracking Their Blood Through The Halls

Image source: Nick_Coffin

#19 Beijing Hotel Carpet Pattern (Crime Scene?)

Image source: well_redhead_

#20 Hair Dryer And Shower Combo In Cairo Hotel

Image source: Vast-Comfortable

#21 The Fitness Room At The Hotel I Stayed At

Image source: PineBadger

#22 Girlfriends View From The Bed Of Our Hotel Room

Image source: Jack6169

#23 My Hotel Room With An Ocean View

Image source: Ferniffico

#24 Seeing This When First Entering My Hotel Room

Image source: iFoundSnape

#25 I Raise You My Hotel Pool In Jeju Circa 2017

Image source: Shents

#26 Went To A Hotel, Paid Extra For A Room With A Bigger TV

Image source: OfficialFaabs

#27 Hotel Room In Germany

Image source: iVanion

#28 This Hotel Bathroom

Image source: I_watch

#29 Do You Guys Like Crappy Hotel Room Number Signs?

Image source: belleri7

#30 Roommate

Image source: mybrokecompass

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