25 Neon Sign Fails That Are Pure Comedy Gold

Published 3 weeks ago

Spotting burnt-out signs in public has provided countless moments of unintended humour, giving people a good laugh as they go about their day. These signs, altered by a few missing lights, create hilarious new meanings that are impossible to ignore. 

People have been so amused by these accidental jokes that they’ve started documenting them on the subreddit “misLED.” From a gas station sign turning “Shell” into “Hell” to a store advertising “Lies and Fish” instead of “Pet Supplies,” these quirky mishaps show how even small errors can brighten our day and bring a smile to our faces.

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#1 Lizzard Warning

Image source: beleg_tal

Manomnomnom: I don’t know about the rest of you, but I for one am ready to welcome our reptilian overlords!

#2 Sad Way To Go Out!

Image source: m-e-n-a

Orang lord: LMFAO! For a second though when I saw “IV guys” I was thinking IVs that they give you in the hospital

#3 Hot Sara

Image source: Sweet-Efficiency7466

Onyx Delson: Poor receptionist : (

#4 I Know Where I’m Eating Tonight

Image source: VaginalRelativity

Peppy: That’s what she said!

#5 It Happened Again…

Image source: OobyIsGay

#6 Hell

Image source: 2into2into2

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: This one’s common around here.

#7 Very Bar. Much Drink

Image source: PenelopetheConqueror

#8 The Best Food Around!

Image source: ggfchl

#9 Sus Grill

Image source: Zipitu32

#10 Bro Stop The Car

Image source: ReaperKing05

ZGutr: we need the address to verify it’s not just photoshop

#11 Die Mart

Image source: Coffekats

#12 Peedway

Image source: SpiccyDropMag

#13 Cone

Image source: PoisonWaffle3


Image source: TwatCanoe

DefinitelyNotTheDuolingoOwl: Less tasty.

#15 Local Casino

Image source: hunglowbungalow

BoredPossum: Don’t mind if I do.

#16 Sad Dome

Image source: PoisonWaffle3

#17 Advance Disco Parts

Image source: narutonaruto

flower petals: I support disco advancement 🕺🏻🎵😊💃🏻

#18 F Dave’s Famous D

Image source: PoisonWaffle3

#19 Calm Down, Mike

Image source: LilB78

GlassHalfWay: Yeah, not intentional at all.

#20 Fart City

Image source: Big-Team1201

#21 Buildings Can Do That…?

Image source: OobyIsGay

#22 Truly Amusing

Image source: BLucky_RD

#23 Chin Food

Image source: WIBadger63

Manomnomnom: The moe I eat, the more chins I get!

#24 Eatme

Image source: md18096

#25 Oops

Image source: TurboSquid72

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