“Things That Look Like Faces”: 30 Cases Of Everyday Pareidolia

Published 7 months ago

If you have ever seen a human face in an inanimate object, you’ve likely experienced pareidolia. According to people who experience this, you can see faces staring back at you from just about anything random including, cars, clouds or even stains.

Apparently, there’s a whole Facebook group dedicated to “Things that look like faces” with the requisite lips, eyes and nose that give it that distinct look. Scroll below to see this interesting collection for yourself. 

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Image source: Tina Mobley Davis

Ur local cancer: Someone’s in a bad mood


Image source: Alex Lee

Lurleen lumpkinThat is one rusty ol’ grater


Image source: Mia Lynn

Freya the WandererLooks like a p–sed off Donald tRump


Image source: Mike Girsback

EmiTheEpicSpooky ice!


Image source: Zachary Lee


Image source: Dan Kuwertz

AntablackJesus.of the interstate


Image source: Bear Bimonte


Image source: Hannah Houlton


Image source: Saifuu

RizzoHush! It’s sleeping.


Image source: Frank Richardson

glowworm2It has breasts!


Image source: Dominique Collins



Image source: Mariangely Santiago


Image source: Nathalie Brahim


Image source: Aisha Jayne Negrosa

glowworm2Poor chair has seen too many butts.


Image source: Сергей Цибизов

Angela BSomeone looking down their nose at you is always insufferable.


Image source: Cristian Hannoush

MrLiesegangBad news, Harry!


Image source: Brad Campbell


Image source: Aurelia Aurelia

real_izukuthat’s unsettling


Image source: Mia Lynn

Amy BindokasOnion ninja


Image source: Ginny Ann


Image source: Christine Laraway

Mary Montejo: Butt, now it’s a problem.


Image source: Naomi Smith

glowworm2“You won’t believe what came out of my nose last night!”


Image source: Lisa Kokü

real_izuku: Every cartoon/animated character when they spun around or hit in the head


Image source: Angelica Rivera


Image source: Priscilla Marsh

EmiTheEpic“Oh, I have a beard now!”


Image source: Arnav Kumar


Image source: Zachary Lee

A Catit’s angry, let him out!


Image source: facebook.com


Image source: Santiago Fernández

Widdershins66Love the hair style 💇‍♂️


Image source: Raymond Kroezen

MrLiesegang: Must be canadian…

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